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000webhost review: Why I recommend it for beginners ?

Because most of the time free hosting services promises more than they deliver, you are required to register and uses multiple free hosts to found the one that suits your needs, and this is exhausting.

This is why in this review, I’m reviewing 000webhost to let you know if it will be good for you or not.

Just to let you know, 000webhost is powered by Hostinger, which is known as a best-for-value paid hosting.

Pros & Cons:


  • Fast, but not my fastest free hosting
  • Easy and quick account creation
  • Instant website accessibility after registration
  • Beginners-friendly control panel


  • Very limited disk space and bandwidth
  • “Powered by 000webhost” little banner at the bottom of your website
  • No email accounts
  • Limited support



  • Website builder: Yes (Zyro)
  • Applications installer: No
  • Ads: Yes (a little “Powerd by 000webhost” banner at the bottom of your website)
  • Website: 1
  • Control panel: custom
  • Bandwidth: 3GB
  • Disk space: 300MB (limited to 10000 files)
  • SSL certificate: No
  • Subdomains: Yes
  • Email accounts: No
  • Support: community forum, Discord, and blog articles
  • Uptime: Bad (compared to the paid-hosting I’m used to)


000webshost is best for:

  • Beginners with low technical knowledge, with a low-traffic website.

When not to use 000webshost hosting

  • If you are looking for the fastest free web hosting.
  • If your website gets spikes in traffic.
  • If you know your website will shortly get bigger in size.
  • If you want your free website to totally be ad-free


Testing 000webshost free hosting

The first thing I liked about the 000webhost website is the cool design, and its user-friendliness. No unnecessary text, just what is useful for you.

Using different colors and signs, the difference between plans is easy to get.

  • Quick and easy signup process

When I clicked “Free Signup” under the free plan, the only information I’m asked to provide is my email address and password…  no question like what you will use this host for, site language, or captcha verification.

  • An easy-to-understand website setup process

After I verified my email address, the website setup process begins.

The first step asks you about what you would like to do.

I clicked “Other”.

I don’t know why I got a “download Chrome page”, even I’m using it, so I skipped this step.

After it, I was asked to give a name and password to my project.

Then, how you want to create your website.

  • Very-minimalistic WordPress installation process

After I chose to install WordPress, a new form pops up asking me for only a username, password, and site language.

After I hit the “Install” button, the page got refreshed, and my control panel was loaded for the first time showing me the progress of my WordPress installation.

My WordPress installation was completed after just 1 minute 30 seconds, which means my new website was ready and accessible around 2 minutes after I hit “Free Signup”.

My WordPress website was like every other WordPress installation, the only difference was the ads that show me Hostinger’s deals and the existence of 6 pre-installed plugins.

  • Simplistic control-panel

Once I finished checking that my WordPress site is working correctly, I went back to review the control panel.

It was not a cPanel, it was a customized control panel

What I liked first about this beginners-friendly control panel is how it is organized, simple, and how well it distinguishes the available feature from the ones that require you to upgrade.

After I finished browsing the options (squares) in front of me, I navigated the ones on the sidebar to find something new, but it was not the case, they are the same.

  • Easy-to-use website builder

The first option I tested is how easy I can create a website using the available website builder (Zyro).

I chose to try it using a template, then I selected a template for a restaurant website.

Even it was the first time I try this website builder, Zyro was easy to understand and use.

Adding a new page and similar things can be found on the left sidebar, and previewing and publishing your website can be done from the top.

When I chose to publish my website from the top, a new window pops up asking me for the website’s new address.

I thought my newly built website using Zyro will replace my first WordPress installation, but it was on a new Zyro.com subdomain (https://hyetis000webhosttest.zyrosite.com).

The result was fantastic, a responsive high-quality website, that didn’t require me a lot of effort or knowledge.


What I didn’t like about what I got with Zyro is that it shows the Zyro-advertisement banner on top and not on the bottom.

At the bottom of my restaurant testing website, there was a “booking a table” form. I used it to test how fast the website will notify me about this new booking and if the notification email will be sent to the inbox or spam.

The email was sent straight to my inbox and almost directly after I pressed “Send” below the booking form.


  • The simplest possible WordPress installation

After the positive experience with the website builder, I went to test how the process to install WordPress is compared to doing the same using the Softaculous tool.

I found that the free host 000webhost install WordPress in the simplest possible way. It only asks you for the username, password, and the site language… no database name, no desired theme, no advanced unnecessary things for beginners.

For WordPress installation speed, as said before, the process was fast when I did it the first time setting up my website, so I don’t doubt getting the same fast installation speed (1 minute 30 seconds) every time.

  • Interactive HTML/CSS learning program

Learn to code (SPACE DOGGOS 2 by BitDegree) is the third available option from the top of the control panel, I found it very encouraging to help you learn basic website coding, which is HTML and CSS.

I didn’t try to do the first question exercise because I hate coding.

  • Useless “Earn Money” Honeygain program

Honeygain lets users make money online by sharing their internet connection.

I don’t know why 000webhost places this option within the available ones in my hosting control panel, but I think it’s an affiliation.

  • Simplest file manager

Even though this file manager app takes time to load, once it opens up you are welcomed with a user-friendly interface.

  • Parked domain

Adding a new domain to start accessing your free website using a professional-looking address (e.g: yourwebsite.com) is easy to do with 00webhost free hosting.

All you have to do is to choose “Park domain” and hit “Next”, then go to your domain provider to change nameservers to the ones 000webhost will give you in the next step.

Wait some hours for DNS propagation and your free website will start being accessible from your domain name.


Besides parked domains, you can also setup up to 10 redirects from your free website.


  • Very limited emailing options

With 000webhost free hosting provider, what you only get related to emailing is the “Email Forwarders” option.

With the up to 5 “Email Forwarder” you can create, you can start redirecting your parked domain’s emails to your mailbox.


  • Databases

With 000webhosting free hosting, you can create up to 2 MySQL databases, and you can also access them using phpMyAdmin.

  • Automate certain commands or scripts

With 000webhost, you are able to setup up one Cron Job that runs at a specific time.

With Cron Jobs, you can set up a script that deletes temporary files after a time interval in order to save disk space for example.


  • Limited support

Even though 000webhost provides support through a community forum, blog posts, and Discord, it remains limited support because it’s based on people that most of the time do not have access to important things like servers and stuff.

For me, if you know the tools you use to create your website or simply what you do, it’s rare when you need technical support to solve something.

If you still need support for your free hosting, you can check ByetHost free hosting that offers very fast ticket-based support.

I forgot to mention that the support community forum members are active.

  • Fast, but not my fastest free hosting

From using my newly built WordPress website a little bit, it was obvious that his loading speed is fast, but it remains not as fast as what I got with InfinityFree free hosting.

I used website speed tests like GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights to measure my testing website speed, and both confirmed my opinion (fast, but not my fastest free hosting).


PageSpeed Insights:


  • Uptime tests

I added my test website to a tool that counts uptime and I will update this section after I got enough data that I can count on to determine the uptime rate.




What is misleading with 000webshost?

  • 500 Requests Per Minute

Even though 000webhost gives a monthly 3GB in bandwidth, you are not allowed to spend it all in the first hour, because if all free users do that the server will go down.

So in order to prevent that it restricts you with 500 RPM (Requests Per Minute).

One visitor or one visit can have multiple requests because one visit opens up 1 photo, 1 script and 1 CSS file count as 3 requests.

I don’t know what can happen when your website exceeds the allowed 500 requests per minute, because it didn’t happen for me during my review, but they can make your website load slow or making it unavailable for some time.

  • 300MB disk space limited to 10000 files only

Your allowed disk space has two limits, the size (300MB) and the number of files (inodes) your website can have.


Do I recommond 000webshost ?

Yes, I recommend it for its simplicity which makes it suitable for beginners that are not familiar with web hostings or want something organized to not confuse them.

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