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Avast SecureLine VPN Review: I Recommend it in One Case Only

In order for me to answer your question of, should you opt for Avast SecureLine VPN or not, I’ve downloaded and tested the VPN before writing this review.

In hurry? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • NetflixUnfortunately, didn’t unlock me Netflix when I’ve tested it.
  • Speed: Very impressive speed, my internet speed didn’t even decrease after using this VPN.
  • Privacy: They are not clear, and that in itself made me look away from them.
  • Coverage: The majority of their server’s locations are within Europe and the USA, so if you want ones in the rest of the world, your options are very limited.
  • Torrenting: Speed, yes. Privacy, no.
  • Security: High standards Encryption in all platforms. The best protocol only for Windows and Android users. Kill-switch features only for macOS users.
  • Usability: Easy to use and understand user-interface.
  • Customer SupportOnly via phone calls and contact form, no live chat support.
  • Price: Only yearly subscription, not the cheapest one on the market. But you still have the option of a 7-days free trial.
  • Refund: 30-day money-back guarantee if you bought directly from their website,
  • Do I Recommend it?: only if speed is the only thing that matters to you.


Avast SecureLine VPN License Key for Free? 

I’ve discovered a workaround to get legally a 60-Days FREE Avast SecureLine VPN, and I’ve explained it in this article.



What is Avast SecureLine VPN?

If your question is “What is Avast SecureLine VPN and do I need it?“.

Well, SecurLine VPN is a VPN software made by the cybersecurity company Avast, which is founded in 1988.

Avast is a company headquartered in Prague (capital of the Czech Republic).

With SecureLine VPN, you can hide your real identity on the web.

Do you need it?

Yes, you need a VPN to navigate the internet as if you are in another country (in order to watch geo-blocked content on Netflix), or to secure yourself by encrypting your sensitive data, but I do not recommend you this exact VPN, because ExpressVPN gave better results.


Streaming – Does Avast SecureLine VPN work with Netflix?

Even though the majority of online reviews state that Avast SecureLine VPN unlocks Netflix geo-blocked content, my test showed the opposite.

The content that I’ve tested Netflix with is Shaun the Sheep: Adventures from Mossy Bottom. At the time of writing this section (November 2020), this kid-show is not available yet for me in Morocco, and all I get if I try to access it from a Google search is this reminder button.

After I connect myself to a streaming-dedicated USA server (New York) using Avast SecureLine VPN, the page starts to show me the play button instead of the reminder button, but after I click it I face this error.

I was shocked because honestly, I was expecting Avast SecureLine VPN to unlock this easily, especially that the brand (Avast) that is behind this program is a well-known company and has a long history in the tech industry.

To make sure there is no mistake on my part, I’ve immediately connected myself to a USA server using the ExpressVPN program and redid exactly the something (accessing the kid-show from Google), and it was accessible easily.

After this test, I am really sure that I cannot recommend Avast SecureLine VPN to you if you want to use it to unblock Netflix.


Avast SecureLine VPN SPEED: Very impressive

My VPN speed test consists of measuring 5 times my internet speed using the Ookla speed test, then take the result that is closer to the average, then repeat the same thing after connecting myself using the VPN.


  • Closest VPN server (Leiria, Portugal ~ 500 miles away from me):

Before using the Avast SecureLine VPN, my internet speed was as it is in the picture below.

After connecting myself to the closest possible server (which was a Portugal) using the optimal location feature, and repeated the same speed test.

I was blown by how much my download speed didn’t decrease, it was even increased a little bit.

But I count it as keeping the same because as I know, my internet service provider here in Morocco doesn’t use throttling.

Even if my internet stayed the same, this is too much of a good result using a VPN, because even the best ones still reduce your download speed by a little much.

So, in my case, I didn’t get any internet speed loss after connecting myself to a close server (500 miles away) using the optimal location feature.


  • Farthest VPN server (Australia ~ 10 000 miles away from me):

The majority of my tests (if not all), have speed tests for the closest and the farthest server location.

Because in some situations, we have to connect our VPN to a faraway service, for example, to watch geo-blocked content on Netflix.

For that, I have to test the speed in the farthest server location to give a complete idea about the VPN speed.

Before using the Avast SecureLine VPN: 

After using the Avast SecureLine VPN:

My ping gets up too much high from 32 ms to 316 ms (best VPN result for me yet), but the download speed increased a little bit, by like before, I don’t count this little speed difference as a difference.

Compared to ExpressVPN (my recommended VPN right now), Avast SecureLine VPN is faster. 


Avast SecurLine VPN Privacy: I don’t trust them

Does Avast SecureLine VPN keep logs?

After you see that a VPN company link their privacy policy page in their preferences, you think that they have nothing to hide, but after I’ve browsed their privacy policy page, the first thing I notice is that they are not clear/direct about what they collect.

Other VPN specialized companies (like ExpressVPN), they are direct about what they collect and what not.

Other than this, Avast SecureLine VPN Windows users, they don’t have a kill-switch, which makes them exposed in case their internet connection drops. And for me on macOS, the kill-switch option was disabled by default.

From these points, I do not recommend this VPN for people who care about their privacy.


Server Locations: Below Average Coverage

Avast SecureLine VPN has a below-average network because it has servers only in 54 cities (34 countries).

If you are willing to connect yourself to the USA or European servers, this will be not a problem because there is a lot of servers available for you.

But for regions like the Middle East, Australia, or Africa, all these regions have one server per region. So, you will definitely get a slower speed if all people are connected to the same server.



My torrent download speed was around 400 kb/s without any VPN.

After connecting myself to the nearest-possible torrent-non-optimized server (Portugal ~500 miles away from me), my download speed dropped to around 200 kb/s.

After I reconnect myself to a nearest-possible torrent-optimized server (France ~1000 miles away from me), my connection increase to around 300 kb/s.

That means the torrent-optimized servers are really faster than the other ones in P2P activities.

But this speed remains useless with their privacy policy and in the absence of the kill-switch for Windows users.


Is Avast SecureLine VPN safe?

By security, I mean how the VPN software is able to not leak your real identity, and how much he encrypt your transferred data.

  • Encryption:

For encryption, Avast SecurLine VPN uses the highest-standard encryption which is 256-bit AES, this is used by governments and banks. And it’s very hard, if not possible, to decrypt.


  • Protocols:

For Windows and Android users, they are benefiting from the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol, which combines speed and security.

For macOS and iOS users, they use the IPsec protocol, which provides lower security.

Another thing I didn’t like about this VPN in regard to security, is that I didn’t found in preferences the ability to change things like protocols.


  • DNS & IPv6 leak test

A leak test is when we test to see if, during our connection to a VPN server, websites are still able to see our real identities like IP address and DNS information.

Fortunately, and like you see in the image above, the only server detected is the Portuguese one I’m connected to, and my real IP address is kept hidden.

I’ve repeated the IP/DNS test with another tool and again my real IP and DNS info was kept private.


  • Kill-Switch

Like we’ve discussed before in this review, the kill-switch feature that is very important is only available for macOS users.


With all this, in terms of security, this Avast SecureLine VPN is weak compared to competitors.




Avast SecureLine VPN has an easy to use and understand interface.

When it’s your first time to use, you are automatically connected to the optional location, in order to get the best possible internet speed.

When you click the “Change” button, you are welcomed with an easy to navigate locations list, that separates servers locations by countries, P2P, and streaming.

So for a user new to the VPN world, this Avast SecureLine VPN is a newbies-friendly.

One little thing that I didn’t found after using this VPN is the little notification on the top-right of my Macbook, that let me know when I’m successfully connected to a server.

Without this little top-right notification, I have to wait-looking at the annoying progress circle before start my activity.



Customer Support

The Avast SecureLine VPN customer support is currently below the standard compared to the competitors.

First of all, my favorite way to contact any customer support online which is the live chat is not available.

With that, the options that are left for me to use is to contact them by email or call them at their number.

When I’ve tried to use the contact form, I’ve found that it’s a multistep form, with a laggy “Next” button, that does no pass you to the next step directly after you click it. In the end, I still have to fill in a bunch of info.

After this, I didn’t mind completing my support reply-speed test because I’ve already got frustrated.

What I’ve didn’t succeed to do taking me 5 minutes have been completed done in under 45 seconds with ExpressVPN support. So, I’m disappointed with how Avast supports its VPN users.

One thing I’ve noticed when I’ve tried to test their contact form is that if you choose “Technical support for free products”, you will be limited to a search in their help resources or to visit their forum.



How much does Avast SecureLine VPN cost

For me, the problem with Avast SecureLine VPN pricing is that there is no monthly subscription.

You may think, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Yes, it does, but what if only want this VPN during summer vacation.

So, this is the first thing I didn’t like about their pricing.

As you see, there is plans for 5 devices and the same ones for 1 device, the fixed difference is that the 1-device plans are cheaper by $1.

The cheaper plan for 5 device is the one for 3 years, that cost 3.99/month.

If you are looking for the best price or the best value for your money, there is definitly better options with other providers like Surfshark or PIA.

The available payment methods to buy Avast SecureLine VPN is limited to credit/debit cards and Paypal, there is no anonymous ones like cryptocurrencies.

The only move by SecureLine VPN that I’ve really liked, is the availability of a 7-days free trial (No credit card needed) that include full features. With this, you can test the exact same product you will get if you buy.



The Avast SecureLine refund policy states that if you bought your product through the official website and you are not completely satisfied, within the first 30 days of purchase you can request a refund.

In order for you to request a refund for Avast SecureLine VPN, all you have to do is to visit this refund request page and fill in the form.

If you didn’t know what is your order ID, you can found more about it here.

I found that a 7-days free trial plus a 30-day money-back guarantee is more than enough for you as a guarantee, and I thank them for their generosity.


Do I Recommend it?

If it’s a question of yes or not, I do not recommend it.

Because it lacks several things found in competitors, like the TrustedServer Technology used by ExpressVPN,

TrustedServer Technology makes servers use RAM instead of the hard-drives.

That minimises data-risk, because all the data will be wiped after every restard.

Other than this, I prefer to have the option of monthly subscription, especially with technology companies that tend to change fast.

Around five years ago, I was using a company service to host my website, it was fast in the first and everything is perfect, right after changing its management or if it was bought by another party (I don’t remember exactly), it changed a lot and had to switch to another provider.

So, even with their free trial and 30-days money-back guarantee, I still prefer to see the monthly subscription because I don’t know how you will still behave after the first six months or the first year.

The only situation when I will recommend you this VPN is if speed is the only thing that matters to you and you do not care if this speed decreased after your subscription.

That’s all for this review, if you want to support me, you can do it by googling another VPN name plus Hyetis, because this way you help me to get top ranks or to just my affiliate links published in this review or another one so I can get a commission without any change to the price that you were to pay.

How to get Avast SecureLine VPN license key/activation code for FREE

If you are looking for Avast SecureLine VPN 60 day trial, you can get it legally (free license key for 60 days), I’ve discovered a workaround by chance when I was working on this review.

Because it’s a multistep tutorial, I’ve written a dedicated article about it: how to (legally) get a 60-Days Avast VPN FREE license key.

Is Avast SecureLine VPN multi-device

Yes, Avast SecureLine VPN offers three payment plans for 1 device and the same ones for 5 devices.

The only difference between them is $1.

Do I need Avast SecureLine VPN

You can need it if your internet service provider limits your internet speed when you download too much (know as throttling).

You can also need it if you are connected to public wifis on airports for example, and you want your sensitive data to be secured.

Spoiler title

It’s simple:

  1. Open “Finder”
  2. Click “Applications”
  3. Select “Avast SecureLine VPN” and move it to the trash
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