Best Backpacks For Hiking of 2018 (Reviews)

That long break from job is fast approaching and you are really excited about it. After months and months, you are now thinking of making that specific break from busy days a memorable one. Well, there are quite a number of things you are thinking of doing, but there is this one activity that has kept you feeling excited about the coming days. Hiking is one of your greatest passions and just like always, you are going to go hiking with family or even friends. But before that, you are thinking of updating your hiking gear. A comfortable and durable backpack is all you need.

If you don’t know where to start,  we got your back. Through this article, we   will slowly walk you through some of the best backpack deals you could find today. The best part, we are also going to tell where you can get those deals. We know what that hiking means to you and we just want to make it fun and stress free for you.


  1. Osprey Aether
  2. Arc’Teryx Altra
  3. Teton Sport Scout 3400
  4. Gregory Baltoro
  5. The North Face Cobra
  6. Osprey Atmos
  7. Deuter Air Contact
  8. High Sierra Titan
  9. The North Face Banchee
  10. FjäLlräVen Kaipak

Marmot Graviton 36 Pack

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  • Stunning design
  • Comfortable padded shoulderstraps
  • Enough storage
  • Easy to access
  • Airflow suspension


  • Issues with the zipper

Bottom Line: The Marmot Graviton 36 Pack is a super stylish and well built hiking backpack. Ladies are going to love it.

To all the ladies out there; who said you can’t hit one of the best hiking locations outside town without looking stylish? That is a lie for backpacking designers have made sure all you needs are well taken are off. If you are out there shopping for a stylish backpack for your next hiking and you just don’t want to sacrifice the amount of features it comes with, the Marmot Graviton 36 Pack is all you’ve got. This hiking backpack not only comes with a stunning design, but the amount of features you can net from it will simply blow off your mind.

Seen as effort by makers to make it the best, the made sure this particular backpack comes packed with all the great features. For example, the storage; this is one backpack that comes with a huge storage and pleasantly easy access to your items. It does not even stop there; the airflow suspension feature that has been included is unlike anything you have seen before. It allows for sweat free carrying. The wrap-around zip is also a complete stand out. It allows you to access the main compartment with so much ease. The side and bottom compression straps feature is also worth mentioning. This great feature help reduce overall bulk giving you a more streamlined carrying.

When it comes to comfort, the Marmot Graviton 36 Pack is also among the best. The straps have been expertly padded and the hip belt bolster can withstand heavy loads. In short, with this backpack, you would be able to walk through treacherous terrain without experiencing any kind of painful pressure on your joints or undue irritation. All having said and done, we say the Marmot Graviton 36 Pack is an amazing backpack for minimalist overnights and gear intensive treks through those rough terrains. It is a serious hiking backpack for a serious hiker lady.


Osprey Atmos AG 65

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  • Striking design
  • Close fit
  • Great ventilation


  • Lacks zipper to the main compartment

Bottom Line: The Osprey Atmos AG 65 is a well rounded design. It works great for anything ranging from quick hiking trips to extended stay in the wilderness.

When we talk of great weight, comfort, functionality and durability, truth be said, the Osprey Atmos AG 65 sits right there at the top. It is one of the highest rated hiking backpacks you could today in a store near you. Its striking design is not the only selling point. There are some amazing features that have seen the backpack hold one of the best positions in the market.

For example, if there is a feature that has grabbed the attention of hikers, then it has to be the suspended Anti-Gravity backpanel. Looking at this feature, this is clear indication designers wanted to create the best there is. The foam panels protrude in a way that they come into contact with your back in certain areas- lumbar, back and hips, giving you the much needed comfort. That is not all, the Atmos AG is one of the best. It comes with a single larger ventilated panel that flawlessly covers the entire back and hipbelt. What you get from this is a world-class ventilation system.

The mesh expertly conforms to your back and waist so well. Amazingly, this backpack design manages to carry those heavy hiking gear comfortably and without any problem. Moreover, the Osprey Atmos AG 65 is just a head of the rest when it comes to advancement in ventilation technology. The backpack is surprisingly easy to dial in a good fit. The pocket is out of this world. It is expertly laid out. You will totally love it.


Gregory Baltoro 75

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  • Great feature set
  • Nicely built
  • Heavy hauling
  • Comfortable


  • Pretty much heavy

Bottom Line: If you prioritize comfort and wouldn’t mind carrying that extra weight, the Gregory Baltoro 75 is what you should be going for next.

Gregory, one of the biggest creators of hiking backpacks, have over the years earned reputation for quality and comfort. Even after spoiling us with the best backpacking gears in the past, it seems that has not been enough for the giant brand. Joining their long list of their products is the new Gregory Baltoro 75. It is one of the most sought after backpack right now and that has not come as a surprise. The backpack is nicely built and comes caked with plenty of feature. From material used to the way every single part has been put together, this bag is heavy duty and is specifically meant for those heavy hauling.

Taking a closer look at the backpack reveals a lot of things. You will realize that the bag has been refined from some of the company’s previous designs. It has been expertly modernized and the backpack now comes with a few ounces having been trimmed off. The ventilation has also been well taken care of; it comes with enhanced ventilation system coupled with mesh along the backpanel. Additionally, designers have added a large stretch shove-it pocket right at the front. From that, they have managed to address a number of complaints buyers have had with a good number of Gregory’s backpacks.

When it comes to comfort, the Gregory Baltoro 75 sits right there at the top. It is among the most comfortable backpacks you could take with you on your next hiking. Nevertheless, be ready to deal with the weight for it is quite heavy. Yes, Gregory has tried real hard to keep things bit exciting for buyers, but the backpack still comes in at around 5 pounds. So if you are planning on keeping things a bit light and simple on your hiking trip, this bag, probably, is not the right choice for you. That, however, should not in any way deter you from buying this great backpack. It is all about comfort and extra features.


Gregory Paragon 58

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  • Great price
  • Lightweight
  • Extra features


  • Not comfortable for heavy loads

Bottom Line: The Gregory Paragon 58 is a sensible option for overnight hiking trips.

It seems things are working quite well for Gregory; another product from their of own, the Gregory Paragon 58 has made into our list. Now, if you are out there shopping for a backpack and you don’t want to hurt your wallet the Gregory Paragon 58 is what you should be settling for next. It does not only come from a big brands, it is amazing combination of great price, weight and useful features.

When we take a quick look at the overall design, this is where designers did a very wonderful job. The presentation is spectacular; it exhumes quality and the actual time it took designers to put it together. Unlike what we have seen in the past, designers have done away with the larger-zip that normally allows you easy access to the main compartment, and introduced another amazing feature. The backpack has been expertly sculpted and now comes with a back panel coupled with great lumbar support, larger hipbelt pockets and integrated rainfly.

Lastly, we are pretty sure most of you would want to know if the bag does come with a few issues. Yes, it does, based on what we have heard from many shoppers, they could have done better on the shoulder straps. The foam padding that has gone into construction is below average.  It is less comfortable. Moreover, the integrated dayback which also acts as the hydration reservoir is not that good. It comes with straps that are very thin, making it not a better option for those useful side trips. Thankfully, there are some things that will excite you. The bag is a head of the pack when it comes to weight. It is ridiculously lightweight.


Mystery Ranch Stein 62

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  • Premium design
  • Durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable


  • Lacks the much need hipbelt pockets
  • Below average ventilation

Bottom Line: It comes from a pretty new brand but the backpack does not in any way disappoint. We would not hesitate to recommend it.

Mystery Ranch is a pretty new kid on the block, especially when it comes to backpacking industry. Taking a quick look at one of their product the Mystery Ranch Stein 62, however, would leave you heaping a lot of praises on the maker.  It is amazing how a company that just ventured into the industry could go above and beyond and create something that we all love. The company has in the last few months continued to create the best, but there is this one backpack that has left the market brimming with excitement.

The Mystery Ranch Stein 62 is one of the hottest backpacks right now and not only because of its premium design, but the amount of features the backpack boosts. It is well put built and based on all we have heard it obvious the designers wanted to create something that can survive any tough condition.

Moving on; the backpack packs a number of features. First and which is our favorite is its 2 massive pockets and the way the backpack can be easily converted into a functional day back. The finish is also worth mentioning; most shoppers have praised the overall build quality that is ranging from the foam to the zipper as they say you get a long lasting feel.

Currently retailing at slightly below $300, this bag has managed to beat its competition hands down, especially when it comes to comfort. While the backpack miss a number of useful features like a hipbelt, it is surprisingly comfortable. Overall, we are pretty sure you are going to love it.

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