Best Hand Warmers of 2019 (+ Buying Guide)

If you often go hiking or camping in some of the coldest locations out of town, you probably know, or even own a pair a of winter gloves and down jacket. Conditions can get really nasty out there and if you are not properly dressed you may end up with some serious infection or worse die. When you are hiking, you need to be properly dressed. You need heavy and warm clothing right from your toes right to the head. Other than those heavy down jacket and thick gloves, have you ever given hand warmers any serious thought? These small devices are just amazing; they will keep your hand and pockets warm. Here is everything you need to know about these types of warmers.


  1. Hothands Hand Warmers
  2. Grabber Warmers
  3. Energyflux Enduro
  4. The Outdoors Way Rechargeable Hand Warmer
  5. Zippo Hand Warmer
  6. Heat Factory Premium Hand Warmers
  7. Little Hotties Hand Warmer
  8. Celestron Elements Firecel
  9. Celsius Solid Fuel Hand Warmer

What You Need To Consider Before Buying A Hand Warmer

Electric Vs Catalytic Vs Chemical

When it comes to making a choice over two decades ago, everything was just easy and hassle free. There was only one option; catalytic hand warmer. Fast forward and if anything we have now is anything to go by, we are pretty sure a lot of shoppers really don’t know what to go for. New technologies have been introduced and singling out the best can be an uphill task for many shoppers.

Should I go for electric, chemical or just catalytic? This is one question that keeps ringing in your head every time you want to buy this piece of gadget. To help you make a wide decision today, we are going to talk about these three types of hand warmers. We hope at the end, you would be able to make a choice after considering your needs, pros and cons each one of them comes with.

Electric Hand Warmers

Electric hand warmers are pretty much popular. In fact, it is because of tons and tons of advantages they come with that they are some of the most sought after. How they operate is quite simple. You just plug your warmer into a socket overnight to charge and the next day you have a reliable source of heat that will last you the whole day without any problem. One of the biggest advantages of electric warmers is that you can switch them on and off to save battery. They are just great.


  • They can be recharged
  • You can use it to charge other devices
  • No need for lighter fluid smell or purchase


  • Shorter duration compared to catalytic hand warmers
  • Won’t work if you forget to charge

Catalytic Hand Warmers

These types of warmer have been around for years. How they work is quite different from electric hand warmers. Catalytic hand warmers use fuel source such as lighter fluid to combust in a very slow and controlled reaction to release heat. While most people find extremely uncomfortable to have something burning in their pockets, these warmers have been around for years and they are loved.


  • Can last for 15 hours
  • Can be refilled with lighter fluid
  • Elegant and classic appeal


  • Lighter fluid tend to produce a kind of smell
  • Having something burning in your pocket can be a huge turn off

Chemical Hand Warmers

These types of hand warmers operate by taking advantage the exothermic reaction of rusting iron. When iron powder, water and carbon are inside a fiber pouch mix, a reaction is started once exposed to the air. These warmers are also quite popular and you must have seen them in ski resorts. They are fully disposable and extremely convenient.


  • Simple and widely available
  • Small form factor
  • Cheap one time solution


  • Prices will add up over time compared to other options
  • Packet can rip open leaving black residue inside your gloves

Know What Your Needs Are

Pretty much like any other hiking device or gear you buy today, the type of hand warmers you are going to go with will largely depend on your needs and requirements. For example, if you are going to hike in some of the coldest regions out of town, all day, going with a rechargeable hand warmer will make a lot of sense.

On the other hand, if you are going to take a one-time hike or ski trip, you might actually want to go with something simple. So a set of disposable chemical hand warmers will make a lot of sense. Get to know what works for you and go with it.  Never mind spending extra money on a hand warmer that will perfectly meet your needs. For example, it doesn’t make any sense to go on a day long hike with a hand warmer that can work for only three hours.

Ease of Use

Just like any other device you buy today, you need something that you can use with a lot of ease. So when buying hand warmer, you should go for a type that you can operate with ease. There is no way round it.


At the end of it all, it’s important for people to remember that it is not really difficult to find great option for any cold hand situation. For example, if you are participating in any kind of sport with your gloves on, the best bet might be chemical hand warmers. There are small, compact packets and great when placed inside those gloves.

In other cases, we know most people would love the appeal of a hand warmer with ON-OFF functionality and most importantly the backup to charge their phones. It is always so refreshing to have spare charge around and the added benefits of warming your hands while camping doesn’t hurt at all.

Top Rated Hand Warmer You May Want To Check Out

Truth be told, the industry has in the recent past grown tremendously. We have continued to see the best hand warmer designs being created and made available to consumers all over the world. In fact, with the number of options you have today, singing out the best from the crowded market is no longer an easy task. The whole shopping process can be made even more complicated if you have never had to make a choice before.

Since we just want you to enjoy your trip out there in the backcountry or in the mountains, we have rounded up the best hand warmers money can buy. They are not only come with quality design, but are able to do their job so well. Check them out. We are sure there is that one model that is going to excite you.

See this product on:



  • Multi Use
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Charges digital devices
  • Built in LED flashlight


  • Too large; cannot comfortably fit in gloves
  • Not flexible
  • Does not as a pair
  • Heavy
  • Switching between settings can be confusing

Bottom Line:  Well, the ENERGYFLUX ENDURO comes with every possible good thing, but it does come with a few issues. It is too large and quite heavy. Stuffing it inside you gloves is going to be a problem. Nevertheless, it is an amazing warming device worth every other consideration.

Despite a number of concerns raised by users, the ENERGYFLUX ENDURO is one of the most sought after hard warmers right now. It comes packed with plenty of features. To start with, you get a two heat setting that can give you control over this device. Another most fantastic thing about this electric hand warmer is that you can charge you phone with it. So other than just warming your hands, it is a sort of a portable battery pack.  That said, we could say this is a solid choice for skiing.


See this product on:


  • Air activated
  • Easy to use
  • Gets warm quickly
  • Fits well in gloves
  • Comes as a pair


  • Single use
  • Poor shelf life
  • Needs exposure air to reach maximum warmth

Bottom Line: If you are looking at buying a chemical hand warmer that comes with great price, the Grabbers Warmers is what you should be going for real soon. Designed for a single use, this hand warmer is budget friendly and most importantly does its job so well.

For chemical hand warmer lovers out there, the Grabbers Warmers might get you bristling with excitement. It is probably one of the best you can buy today. It does its job so well and with it you get near instant heat that is said to last a good seven hours. There is also something special about its ease of use. Unlike other that can taken you hours or even days to master how they operate, this one activated rapidly without any problem. The best part, the soft fabric coupled with those rounded edges, makes it the best for cozying up your coat pockets. Last but not least; there is something so special about it size. It is small, and compact. As a matter of fact, you can easily slide it into your gloves and no one would even know what you are carrying.


See this product on:


  • Multi use
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Uses rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Charges digital devices
  • Heats quickly
  • Numerous heat setting


  • Too large
  • May run hot
  • Not flexible
  • Doesn’t come as a pair

Bottom Line: The Outdoor Way Rechargeable Hand Warmer is quite large and it might not fit into your gloves. However, considering all the features it comes with, we are pretty sure most of you are going to put up with the size. Other than just warming you, you can actually use it to charge you phone.

If you are out there looking for the best and would not mind that extra large size, the Outdoor Way is a solid choice. It is fully rechargeable, making it the best choice if you need a reusable hand warmer. When it comes to features, the Outdoor Way probably comes with them all. With it, we are talking about multi use. You can use to do a number of things. The device is said to heat up real quick making it the best for those cold hiking and skiing. It does its work so well. It currently comes highly recommended.


See this product on:


  • Stays warm for a long time
  • Air activated
  • Easy to use
  • Fits well in gloves
  • Odor less
  • Comes as a pair


  • Single use
  • Heat doesn’t last as long as claimed by the makers
  • Need to be exposed to air to reach maximum warmth

Bottom Line: If you are not into those super larger electric hand warmers and you looking for a chemical hand warmer that can stay warm for a very long time and one that is quite easy to use, the HEAT FACTORY PREMIUM HAND WARMER is a solid choice.


The heat factory premium hand warmer is perhaps one of the simplest ways for fighting chill in your fingers. Designed to stay warm for one of the longest periods, it is one of the most south after hand warmers. It heats up real quick and quite easy to use. Although this hand warmer is nearly perfect, it does come with a few issues. It needs to be continuously exposed to air to reach maximum warmth.

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