Best Hiking Shorts Of 2019 (+buying guide)

The hiking gear industry has in the recent past grown tremendously. Designers are working round the clock and we have continued to see the best hiking gear being created and made available to hikers all over the world. From designing of the best hiking pants, poles to even shorts, we have every single thing that can make that hiking adventure fun and most importantly safe.

If you are thinking of replacing your old hiking shorts with something better, you may want to check out this article. We have highlighted some of the key factor you need to consider when buying your hiking shorts. We have not even stopped there; we have gone ahead and review 4 top shorts you can buy today. We just want you to make a very wise choice after reading it.


  1. Columbia Silver Ridge
  2. Wrangler Authentic Utility
  3. Mountain Khakis Teton Twill
  4. Bimini Bay Outfitters Outback
  5. Columbia Barracuda Killer
  6. Exterus Moisture Wicking Quick Dry
  7. Columbia Sportswear Boy’s Silver Ridge III
  8. Columbia Sportswear Boy’s Half Moon


Factors To Consider When Buying Your Hiking Pants

What is true in other industries is all true in this industry. You get what you pay for. With hiking pants now selling as high as $100 or even more, if you are looking for comfort and plenty of features, you should be ready to pay extra bucks for it. On the other hand, if you want to save some few dollars, then be ready to sacrifice a number of features as well.

Thankfully, long gone are the days you needed to pay good money in order to get the best. If you know what you want and what works for your needs. You can get the best hiking shorts at a relatively low price. For starters, here are some of the keys factors you may want to consider when buying a pair of hiking pants.


As you might be aware, hiking shorts not only in different sizes, but also in different types. Most people only consider the length of the legs. Well, that will not make for a well fitting pair of hiking short. You will have to look much deeper than that.


As much as the company that makes the short is critical, it is important for buyers to remember that, their favorite brands may not actually have the best hiking shorts on the market. It is quite difficult to find a pair of hiking shorts that come with everything you need. That explains the reason why most people tend to go for their favorite brands. Buying a product from a well known brand, obviously, comes with a number of benefits, but be ready to pay extra money. Pretty much like what goes on in other industries, a well known brand is going to cost you more money. Overall, we know it can be quite difficult for some of you to buy something that is not made by a big brands, but did you know that you can find a great product if you are willing to look.


Pretty much like when you are buying your hiking pants, you also need to take the comfort of your shorts. It is important after all, having comfortable pair of shorts comes with an avalanche of benefits, especially if you are going to hiking for extended periods.


The kind of material that has been used to make your hiking shorts is everything. Typically, your short must come with many features like; they must be fully breathable, quick dry, durable and most importantly have great moisture wicking abilities. Taking all these factors into consideration, you may want to go for shorts made from polyester or nylon. Nylon is more durable and comes with excellent abrasion resistant properties than polyester. Nylon also offers more breathability.

In other cases, if you want a material that can wick moisture from your skin and can dry real fast, Spandex is going to be a solid choice. Normally, spandex is added to those non stretchy materials in order to give them freedom of movement. Additionally, we have seen new and much better methods being introduced. For example, some shorts come featuring Durable Water Repellant treated fabric. This is an amazing technology as it wick away water and sweat than absorbing it.


If you want to be very comfortable all through those long trails and treks, getting a pair of shorts that fit might be a very wise idea. In this case, we are talking about shorts that are not too tight and not too loose for you. In short, you need a pair of hiking short that offers better mobility, as that will allow you to go uphill or scramble over the rocks with so much ease. If you are shorts are too baggy, that extra flapping material is going to be a sort of a nuisance to you, especially if you are going to hike for extended period of time.


It may sound like it is just a simple feature, but the amount of benefits you can net from your hiking shorts pockets make this feature quite useful. When hiking, you are always advised to keep things like your GPS, hiking maps or even a flashlight in places you can access with so much ease. So buying a pair of short that comes with sufficient storage space is going to make things a bit easier for you. After all, you will not be forced to lower you backpack every time you need some basic items like a camera, GPS or even a wallet.


Truth be told; hiking gear doesn’t come cheap and for this, you may want to buy something that is going to last for a very long time. So when buying a pair of short settle for nothing, but a pair that has been built to last. At this pointing time, a number of factors will play out; material and the way they has been sewn together.

Take a quick look at what previous owner of that particular model are saying before you have it packed. They are happy with purchase? Thankfully, the internet can be of great help.

With a click of a button, you can get access to tons of reviews by customers. Just taking look at those honest reviews will give you a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into. It cannot get better than that.

Sun Protection (UPF)

As a hiker, your shorts must be able to protect your part of your legs against sun’s damaging rays. Technically, the level of protection you get from that specific garment is often rated by UPF. This rating indicates what percentage of UV rays can penetrate through the fabric. The UPF rating often depends on a number of things ranging from the thickness, fibers and weave. In other cases, the construction, treatments and condition of your garment also affect the UPF rating.

So before paying for that pair of shorts, take a quick look at the kind of rating they come with. The shorts you choose must be able to protect you from those harmful sun rays. Additionally, since most shorts do only cover the upper part of your legs, you may want to apply sun cream to your legs before you hit the road.

Top rated Hiking Shorts in the market :

As you can see there are plenty of things you need to consider before you buying your shorts. Here are other factors you may want to take into great consideration. Try to look at sizing, style option, and color choices.



  • Comfortable
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Low profile waist


  • Pockets are quite small

Bottom Line: From the way this pair has been built and features it comes with, those alone makes the OUTDOOR RESEARCH FERROSI a solid choice for hiking and mountaineering on warm summer days.

If you are out there combing through different places looking for a durable and lightweight pair of hiking shorts, you need not to look further. The OUTDOOR RESEARCH FERROSI is an am choice. These short comes made from a very thin and stretchy soft shell fabric. The fabric is tightly woven; giving you the much needed durability, sun protection and abrasion resistance. These short also comes with 2 hand pockets, 2 back pockets and for your valuable items, you get a zippered side pocket.


Columbia Saturday Trail


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • UPF 50
  • Stain and water resistant


  • Sizing can be off for some people

Bottom Line: The Columbia Saturday Trail super great for women hikers who are looking for stylish hiking shorts that can wear to lunch.

Probably the best that a woman would want today; the Columbia Saturday Trail has continued to enjoy one of the best spots across the industry. These hiking shorts for women have not only been built to withstand and tough outdoor weather conditions, but they also come with great look. The Columbia Saturday Trail is super stylish and any woman can feel comfortable wearing it on a Sunday afternoon lunch with friends in town. That is not the only best part, this pair of short is impressively comfortable, lightweight and also come with the best UPF rating. It will surely protect you from UV rays.


See this product on:


  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of pocket space
  • Easy waist adjustment


  • You might be forced to eventually stitch the pocket

Bottom Line: If you are looking at striking a perfect balance between comfort and durability, the COLUMBIA SILVER RIDGE is definitely what you should be going for next. These shorts are some of the most popular especially among hikers as they offer great comfort and are durable.

The COLUMBIA SILVER RIDGE come fully made of nylon, but great freedom of movement and most importantly ventilation, the crotch area is made of mesh panels made of polyester. This is an amazing move designers chose to take. The fabric is said to efficiently utilize Omni-Wick and Omni Shade technology and the short can block UV radiation and help wick moisture from your skin to the outside. These shorts come equipped with 6 pockets’ 2 hand pockets, 2 back pockets and 2 side pocket. The pocket located on the left side is zippered. You can safely store your valuable in there. Additionally, these short can fit different body sizes. They come with elastic waist.



See this product on:


  • Lots of pocket space
  • Velcro pocket closures


  • Tight fit

Bottom Line: Made of 100 percent cotton, the BIMINI BAY OUTFITTERS OUTBACK are some of the softest and comfortable hiking shorts you can lay your hands on today. There are also plenty of pockets where you can store your valuable as you maneuver through those tough terrains and rocks.

Totally different from what we have seen in the recent past, the BIMINI BAY OUTFITTERS OUTBACK come made of 100 percent cotton. This has been seen as an attempt by the designers to give you a much comfortable feel and look. Although you are going to have few issues when it comes to wicking sweat and moisture the BIMINI BAY OUTFITTERS OUTBACK is great in almost every other aspect. In fact, you can wear them on any sunny days as you going drinking with friends.

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