The Best Hiking Sleeping Bag of 2018: Buying Guide

Truth be told; after hours and hours of hiking, a real good and comfortable night’s sleep is all you would want. It is one of the greatest pleasures after trekking through those rough and uncomfortable terrains.

It is because of all these reasons that you always make sure you are armed with the best sleeping bag every time you go hiking with friends. We truly know what that bag means to you and for that; we have helped you round up the best hiking sleeping bags for 2018.

Plus, we have also made sure you get amazing tips on how to choose the best sleeping bags. We wouldn’t want you to have any problem next time you go out shopping for a hiking sleeping bag.


  1. Mountain Hardwear HyperLamina Flame 20 – Overall
  2. Kelty SB20 – Overall
  3. Coleman Comfort-Cloud 40 – Budget
  4. Sea to Summit Spark II – Summer
  5. Eddie Bauer Flying Squirrel – Summer
  6. Western Mountaineering Antelope MF – Winter
  7. Mountain Hardwear Heratio – Women’s
  8. The North Face Cat’S Meow 22 – Women’s
  9. Kelty Woobie 30 – Kid’s
  10. Teton Sports Celsius Junior 20 – Kid’s

What To Consider When Buying A Hiking Sleeping Bag

Shape and Overall Construction

The kind of shape the sleeping bag comes with affects its warmth, how packable is it and how heavy it is going to be. For these various reasons, you may want to consider the shape of the bag before you could put your money on. When it comes to shape and construction, one of the first things that will come into play is the length.

In any case, the length of the bag must correspond with your height. Well, having a bag that comes with a few extra inches is not going to be of any problem; however, if it is considerably longer than you, you are going to have a few problems. You will have to deal with a lot of unused space and that will force you to heat the extra space leaving you felling colder. In the market, we have quite a number of shapes, and to give you great insight before you hit one of the best stores near you, here are the main sleeping bags shapes.

  • Rectangular

If you are looking for a sleeping bag with a bit of room and space, rectangular sleeping bag is definitely what you should be going for next. It is excellent for warm weather as it comes with plenty of space that could allow you to toss around without any problem. In short, it is what you need if you know you are going to sleep in an area with temperatures above zero. Although, rectangular -shaped bags come with a good number of benefits, they also have their own share of problems. First they are quite heavy and not very compressible, making them the worst choice if you are going to move from place to another. Sliding it into your backpack is going to be a problem.

  • Mummy

Mummy sleeping bag is one of the most popular designs among many hikers. These types of sleeping bags have been designed to help you save weight and maximize the much needed heat retention. The tapered shape mummy sleeping bags come with often help reduce the space inside making them some of the warmest you could go for today. That is not even all; they also come fully equipped with hoods, a feature that you can easily cinch closed right over your head to keep inside. While many people find it the best it is important to note that, you may find it too constricting to get a good night’s sleep. All in all, mummy hiking sleeping bags are some of the most lightweight, easy to pack and most thermally efficient shapes you could find today.

  • Barrel/ Semi-Rectangular

If you are out there looking for a more relaxed shape, just way better than a mummy sleeping bag, barrel is all you ever wanted. They come with a lot of space and may or may not come equipped with a hood.  If you are one of those hikers who love to sprawl, but still want to settle for nothing, but a light and compact sleeping bag, a barrel sleeping bag could do you good. In short, barrel sleeping bags are the best for hikers who are restless sleepers; people who don’t want the tight fit of mummy sleeping bags. However, before you get all excited, note that this type is a bit heavy and less compressible.

  • Double-Wide

If you are one of those people who love hiking with their partners, a double side sleeping bag is exactly what you need. It is spacious and has been designed to comfortably take in two people without any problem. The best part, for that cozy night’s sleep, you can combine it with an air mattress. Additionally, a good number of double wide sleeping bags can be zipped apart to create 2 more individual bags.


If you are a serious hiker, we do hope we have helped you make a wise decision today.  After all, the kind of a sleeping bag you go hiking with can be a deal breaker; it can make or even break the whole hiking adventure. Make sure you choose right.

Top Rated Hiking Sleeping Bags of 2018 Everyone Is Talking About

The market has in the last few years exploded and seen tons and tons of sleeping bags designed and made available to shoppers all over the world. For this reason, it has become practically impossible to buy one. The number of choices available are virtually endless. To help you make a better choice today,  the following are the top hiking sleeping bags for 2018.

TETON Sports Mammoth Double

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  • Ridiculously spacious
  • Heavy duty
  • Great heat retention
  • Comfortable and Warm


  • Hand washed only
  • Quite difficult to use

Bottom Line: Yes, the bag is quite difficult to use when hiking, but that is not a deal breaker for the bag is amazing.

Based all the positive reviews  and praises the TETON Sports Mammoth Double has continued to receive from different quarters, it is now more obvious, the bag has managed to live practically to its features. It is currently riding high and is one of the highest rated products on Amazon.

The TETON Sports Mammoth Double has been built to last. It is heavy duty and with it, you can be sure of a worthy investment now and for years to come. Other than that; this bag has been dubbed one of the best for any season. It is all huge and can comfortably take into 2 adults without any problem at all.

Additionally, if you want to sleep separately, the bag can be split into two quilts and you can effortlessly slide out without disturbing your partner. Another great feature that has seen the bag become the number choice for many hikers is how the inner baffles works. It is said to help trap heat inside and keep draft out. Last but not least, this bag comes with a few disappointments.

It is hand washed only and we are pretty sure that is not going to make a lot of people happy, especially those who find washing to be a problem

Western Mountaineering UltraLite

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  • Well built
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Super comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Thinner Shell


Bottom Line: At the end, if you are looking for breathable, comfortable and water resistant hiking sleeping bag, the Western Mountaineering is an amazing choice

Sharing a good number of striking similarities with feathered sleeping bags, Western Mountaineering sleeping bag is currently riding high across the industry. It is a serious choice for serious hikers and that has not come as a surprise. Thanks to its ingenious design; this is one of the most comfortable and lightweight hiking sleeping bags you could lay your hands on today.

The Western Mountaineering is a 3-season sleeping bag and over the years, it has continued to see a number of changes that have made it even much better.

Yes, it does come with a thinner shell, but this is one of the most lightweight hiking sleeping bags you could actually put your money on. However, with all the great features you are going to net from it, be ready to pay the price. The bag currently comes with a huge price tag, but that must not in any way deter you for it is an amazing hiking sleeping bag.



Nemo Riff 15

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  • Quality built
  • Roomy
  • Comfortable


  • Quite heavy
  • Relatively expensive

Bottom Line:  Although it is a bit pricey, most hikers are very happy about the bag. It is roomy and offers the much needed comfort.

Riding on the successful spoon shaped, the Nemo Riff bag has in the last few months had shoppers flocking nearly every store town looking for it.  From the way it has been built to the amount of features it comes with, we could say the makers of this great bag paid a lot of attention on comfort. This bag is said to be a little bit wider than any other mummy bag out there.

The elbow and knees are a bit wide so that you can roll around without any restrictions. Other than its enormous sleeping space, this bag comes with other great features that could see you going for it next.  It offers 800-fill water resistant down; an amazing waterproof panel just around the toe box for the much needed protection and a built in sleeve for a pillow. Word of caution though; before you get all excited, it is important to keep in mind that the bag does come with a few issues just like the rest.

First, yes the interior fabric is soft but not as luxurious like other bags in this price range. It is roomy though if you are looking for something you can roll over at night with ease.



Hyke & Byke 800 Fill Power Goose Down

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  • Quality built
  • Comfortable
  • Cozy
  • Roomy


  • Zipper is said to snag

Bottom Line: Based on all the good things that have been said about this amazing bag, we would actually recommend it to any serious hiker.

If you have been combing through different shopping platforms looking for the best sleeping bag, it is very likely you have come across the Hyke & Byke 800 Fill Power Goose Down sleeping bag. It is one of the highest rated bags and that has not come as a surprise. It is a synthetic sleeping bag that comes packed with an array of features. It is pleasantly cozy and its overall weight will simply blow your mind off. It is said to practically weigh next to nothing.

Among other great features that have seen the bag stand out from the crowded market is its Synthetic Thermavae insulation design. It actually allows you to enjoy that warm night’s sleep if by accident the bag gets wet. It does not even stop there; the shingle construction that has gone into the whole thing is unlike anything you have seen before; it is built in such a way that insulation is flawlessly distributed evenly all through the bag.

Last but not least, when it comes to room; we could say there is a lot of space in the bag. It is impressively roomy and that alone gives you a comfortable and cozy night’s sleep.


Big Agnes Cabin Creek

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  • Quality built
  • Spacious
  • Compressible
  • Waterproof


  • Too short

Bottom Line: Overall, the Big Agnes Cabin Creek is amazing bag for any serious hiker. It is impressively spacious and packed with plenty of features.

As the name suggests, the Big Agnes Cabin Creek is one of the most spacious sleeping bags you could put your money on today. That is not the only best part, its synthetic insulation is another thing you would definitely fall in love with.

It does not only keep you warm all through those cold nights in the wilderness, but allows for the bag to be compressed with so much ease. In fact, you can easily compress the bag into a stuff sack.

In other news, when it comes to waterproof capabilities, the designers made sure you are well taken care off. The bag does come fully equipped with a ripstop nylon shell that has been professionally treated with a waterproof repellent.

With that, you would be able to stay dry and free from condensation. As if that was not enough; the nylon taffeta lining finish that has been expertly incorporated is said to provide an amazing non-staining finish.



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