Best Long Johns For Hiking (2019 edition)

If you are a very serious hiker or just any other outdoor enthusiast, you would agree with us that buying those clothing that not only provide extra warmth, but are also comfortable is always a very wise choice. We know temperature outside there can fall below zero and if you are not properly dressed, you are in for a lot problems. Other than being very uncomfortable, some condition could leave you with a lot of health problems. So apart from those heavy jackets and shorts, have you thought of getting the best long johns?


  1. Arc’teryx Phase AR
  2. Craft Active Extreme
  3. SmartWool NTS Micro 150
  4. Icebreaker Winter Zone
  5. SmartWool NTS Mid 250
  6. Minus33 Merino Wool Kancamagus Mid-Weight
  7. Duofold Mid-Weight
  8. Carhartt Base Force
  9. Under Armour ColdGear

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Long Johns

What is that you really want? Will it live true to its features? How is it going to perform out there? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you could actually make your choice. As with any other industry, the long john market is filled with endless styles and designs and if you don’t know what you really need, there is no way you are going to nail down the best.

We know how the shopping process can get really confusing and for that we are going to help you find the best. We know what go into the whole shopping process. We also understand how these things work. In short, we will get out of our way, and help you pick the best long johns for your next adventure.

Type of fabric :

Pretty much like base layer top, long johns often comes in 4 different types of fabric such as cotton, wool, silk and synthetic. All these 4 come with their own specifications and properties and choosing the one that will suit you need demands more attention. Let’s look at these 4 types of fabric in detail as that will help you figure out what works and what does not work for you. You need know what each one of them is all about.

  • Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular material,. Because of its amazing insulation power, it is loved by many outdoor enthusiasts. Long johns that come made from this material offer great warmth during those chilly mornings in the mountains. The material is also well known because of its durability.

However, just like any other material, cotton does come with its own share of issues. It does not insulate when it is wet. It also takes times to dry if it comes into contact with water. So, should you decide to go for this material try and go a mix of both cotton and synthetics.  This combination does great job more than cotton alone.

  • Synthetics

As the name suggests, synthetic is pretty much a mixture of different materials such as polyester as well as blends of polyester which holds spandex, polypropylene and nylon. Long johns that come made of this material are wrinkle free, light in weight and super soft. They offer better comfort. Additionally, they cost less money and super durable. So if you are looking for something budget friendly, you now know what to go for.

When it comes to disadvantages of synthetic; one, this material is prone to take up odors.  If it not washed properly or you decide to reuse without giving it a wash, they begin to smell odd. That can be a huge turn off to people around you.

  • Merino Wool

Merino wool often features soft and specific fibers of wool which is completely different from those regular wools. Long johns that come made of this material are pretty much expensive. However, going for it will make a lot of sense for they come with amazing benefits. They are super comfortable. Long johns made of merino wool come with outstanding breathability and warmth. They also dry real quickly. So they are quite expensive but taking the number of good thigh they come with, we say they are worth every single penny.

As for the downsides, it only comes with one. Merino wool long johns are very delicate. They are less durable when compared to cotton and other synthetic materials. It also requires special care washing; a thing we are sure most people don’t like.

  • Silk

If you are looking for the best long johns for a moderate cold climate conditions, those made of Silk is what you should be going for next.  However, they are not the best to be worn during extremely cold weather. Silk is ridiculously light in terms of weight. It also offers a very soft and luxurious feel when worn. When it comes to its downsides; silk is pretty much like synthetics,  it tends to absorb odors and is more prone to abrasion.

Rights Fit

Just like when you are shopping for any other piece of clothing, finding the right fit, when it comes to long johns, is also very crucial. Ideally, when you are out there, you may want to go for a pair which won’t restrict your movement. Additionally, the kind of climate you are planning to use our long johns will dictate what to wear. For example, in you are going to hike in cold climate; it will make sense to go with long johns which would fit tightly so as to keep your bodily heat well trapped. On the other hand, if you know temperature will go high, going for a loose fitting pair of long johns will come with plenty of benefits. It will allow more air circulation keeping you feeling refresh at all times.


The overall weight of your long johns is also important and must be taken into great consideration as well. There are 4 different fabric weights to consider when deciding what to buy and what not to. In any case, each weight actually refers to the amount of material used in a piece. With that, in mind, it is very clear a more substantial weighted fabric will be great when it comes to dealing with cold weather conditions and lighter is ideal for warm weather.

We currently have 4 primary fabric weight designation; micro lightweight, lightweight, mid weight and heavyweight.  Micro lightweight: This is one of the lightest of them all. This fabric is basically meant for providing sun protection during the warmest seasons.

Top Rated Long Johns You Could Buy Today

Thinking of buying the very best, but you don’t know where to start or look, well, here are top rated long johns you could buy today. They are not only currently riding high across the industry, but are feature rich.



  • Affordable
  • Very warm
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • Less breathable
  • Less flexible

Bottom Line: Despite a number of concerns that have been raised by consumers in the last few months, the DUOFOLD MEN’S MID-WEIGHT still makes a great pair of long johns for men. They offer great comfort and best wicking capabilities. They are worth checking out.

Because of its cotton rich design, the DUOFOLD MEN’S MID-WEIGHT is one of the most popular pair of long johns for men. It is very unique as it comes made of cotton that is two ply, making you get to enjoy all the benefit of cotton. Additionally, these are some of the most comfortable long johns. They don’t come with any tags and are this pair has also no chaffing. Try it today and you will be surprised with all the things you could with it.




  • Odor control
  • Very comfortable
  • Made with recycled materials


  • Size runs a bit large

Bottom Line: Probably the best in our list, the PATAGONIA CAPILENE MID-WEIGHT not only come from a big brand but if all we have heard is anything to go by, it is obvious this pair of long johns has managed to live true to its features, It comes with a clean design and its odor control feature will make you want to  own them.

If you are about to go hiking and you need something you can use for days without having to worry about that smell, the PATAGONIA CAPILENE MID-WEIGHT should be on your shopping list. Coming made of 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex, this pair of long johns comes with every single feature that you would need out there. Although the size is said to run a bit larger, this pair comes with great odor control mechanism. You can wear in continuously without giving it a wash and still remain fresh all day. Additionally, if there is another feature worth mentioning, it has to be its functional fly. It is well built and does its job so well. We are sure most people are going to love it.


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  • Durable
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Stretchy


  • Pricey

Bottom Line: The ARC’TERYX PHASE AR long johns are some of the most durable long johns you could lay your hands on today. Yes, they come with a very huge price tag, but considering all you could do with it, we say it is worth every single penny.

Coming fully made of polyester; this is a solid choice for people who are looking for pure polyester. That is not only the best part; these long johns come with a very clean design.  From material to the way everything has been put together, it looks like this pair was designed by a person who has had a not so good experience with long johns before. They are super stretchy, breathable and also come with outstanding moisture wicking capabilities.



  • Machine washable
  • Sun protection
  • Very warm
  • Can be used as a single layer in moderate and a base layer in icy cold weather


  • Pricey

Bottom Line: If you have been combing through different places looking for a very versatile pair of long johns, the SMARTWOOL NTS MID 250 is a solid choice. They are some of the most versatile you could find today. They can be used a single layer when the weather is moderate and as base layer should temperature fall below zero.

From creation of the best jackets to base layers Smartwool has in the recent past wowed the industry. This giant brand has not only continued to make the best but also some of their products have continued to make headlines across the world. For a giant brand like Smartwool, when we talk of the best long johns, there is no way one of their own was not going to make into our list. The SMARTWOOL NTS MID 250 long johns are currently some of the most sought after long johns and that is because of a number of good reason. They are not only versatile, but also offer the best protection from the sun. This pair is also machine washable and very warm.

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