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ByetHost Review: Is it A Good Free Web Hosting?

Since the majority of free web hosting services promises more than they deliver, creating an account on them is the only way to found out the truth.

After testing this free web hosting, I decided to write this ByetHost free web hosting review to help you decide if is it good for you or not.

If you prefer watching a video over reading, you can check my ByetHost walkthrough video:



ByetHost Free Webhosting Pros & Cons


  • Easy and quick account creation.
  • Beginner-friendly control panel.
  • Hundreds of applications to auto-install within Softaculous.
  • Fast and helpful ticket-based support.


  • No HTTPS.
  • Slow loading speed.
  • Manual backup is the only backup available option.

ByetHost Free Plan specifications

The specifications you get in your control panel are more than what is advertised on their signup page. The control panel specifications are :

  • Websites: Unlimited addon domains, subdomains, and parked domains
  • Applications Installer: Yes
  • Control panel: VistaPanel
  • Ads: Ad-free
  • Website Builder: SiteBuilder (unreachable during my test)
  • Support: video tutorials, forum, and fast-to-reply ticket-based support
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited (50,000 hits)
  • Disk space: Unlimited (30019 inodes)
  • Email account: No longer supported
  • SSL certificate: Self-signed SSL certificate only
  • Databases: Unlimited (MySQL)
  • Uptime: Bad (compared to the paid-hosting I’m used to)

What is ByetHost best for?

ByetHost is a free web hosting that is best for beginners that are looking for an easy-to-understand dashboard, and a responsive support team to help them resolve their technical problems.

When not to use ByetHost free hosting?

I do not recommend ByetHost’s free plan for those who want their websites to load fast, have an SSL certificate, and automatic backups.

Testing ByetHost’s free hosting

  • Quick and easy account creation:

The first thing I’ve liked about ByetHost is how the account creation is simple and straightforward.

After I hit “Register”, I get redirected to a new page telling me that an activation email has been sent to me. I didn’t found it after minutes, because it was sent to the spam folder on Gmail. No problem.

After clicking the activation link on this email, a new page on my browser was opened up and a new spinning wheel was rotating showing me the progress of my account creation.

After minutes, the account creation gets completed and the page refreshed automatically to show me my account details.

  • What does ByetHost’s control panel look like?

After I clicked the control panel URL, I got asked to give them permission to email me later, which I approved, of course, then the control panel loads up.

The first thing I noticed is how it’s similar to cPanel.

It’s like a light version of cPanel.

So, if you are familiar with cPanel hostings, this control panel will not require time to get familiar with.

  • Softaculous auto-installs WordPress and hundreds of other apps

After reviewing what’s included in this Vistapanel, I went straight to Softaculous to create a new WordPress installation.

Unlike some paid hostings, the Softaculous tool that comes with this free web hosting is filled up with the majority of the popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, MyBB, and other ones that I don’t know about.

I’ve waited almost 15 minutes for the progression bar to get completed when it takes just 10 to 30 seconds with the paid hosting that I am currently using.

But since it’s not a repetitive task, it’s not a big deal.

  • Manual backup only

It’s rare when a free hosting service gives you the ability to automatically backup your entire account (files, database, email accounts) because these tasks eat a lot of CPU.

ByetHost free plan does not allow you to backup or restore your files.

I found that getting a message explaining what is a manual backup and how to do it is better than “backup is not available”.

There is a backup/restore option from the Softaculous app that I tried to test.

I successfully downloaded a compressed copy of my WordPress site that has all the files and even the database, but when I tried to restore it, the database failed and my website gets broken.

  • Self-signed SSL certificates only

I got excited when I’ve seen the SSL app on Vistapanel, because I didn’t expect it to exist, but I was disappointed when I opened it.

It consists only of a free self-signed certificate.

Even though your website has an active self-signed certificate, the website visitor will remain seeing security warnings that will stop appearing till they explicitly trust your website.

I got more information about ByetHost SSL when I contacted the support, you can found it below.

  • Add-on domains

You can have an unlimited number of add-on domains that let you access your website from a professional-looking address like Yourwebsite.com.

All you have to do is to buy it first from a domain provider and change the nameservers to the ones provided by Byethost, then adding it to your Byethost account.

  • No CloudFlare for subdomains

CloudFlare is a tool that helps your website load faster. But unfortunately, it can’t be enabled without a TLD domain (e.g: .com).

  • No more email accounts with ByetHost

If you are like me and for every website you own you create a professional-looking email address, this is no more possible with ByetHost.

When I opened “Email Accounts” from Vistapanel, I got hit with a red box message letting me know that this feature has been depreciated.

Under it, they explain that email accounts are no longer supported due to spam issues.

  • Speedy ticket-based support

Using ByetHost free plan, besides video tutorials and support forum, the remaining available help is the ticket-based support that I have tested by asking them how to get HTTPS for my website.

After two days, I was disappointed because I didn’t get a reply to the ticket I opened.

As I’m writing this review, I got the idea of checking my spam folder to see if there is an update from the support team, I found that I got a response minutes after opening my ticket (exactly 16 minutes).

This is a very good response time that can be better than some paid hostings, but I’m still confused at why ByetHost emails are still considered spam by Google even I clicked “Mark as not spam” on the first email I got from them.

Apart from the very fast response time, the response was also well-thought, and not a copy and past useless answer.

I also felt that the person who replied to me thought about my problem.

  • Uptime tests

Since I wrote this email after using ByetHost for just 2 days, the only thing that I can say is that I didn’t experience any downtime with my test site.

But the real uptime rate is calculated after at least a month.

I added my test website on an uptime tool to get the real uptime. I will update you on this later.


  • Is free ByetHost fast?

Even though when I created my test website I was connected to a fast fiber optic internet, my WordPress website was loading slow.

It becomes annoying when I was navigating the WordPress dashboard in order to install plugins and a new theme.

You can check the slow speed at which my website was loading from the video above.

So, if you are looking for fast web hosting, you should look elsewhere.


What is misleading with ByetHost?

  • Even they offer a generous or “unlimited” disk space, you are limited to only 30000 files.
  • For bandwidth, even though you see “unlimited”, it’s only 50,000 hits. This means if one visitor accessed one page of your website, and this page opens 3 files (CSS, photo, script), that means 3 hits per this visit.


ByetHost Free Review: Final reflections

Personally, I can’t say that I’m upset or disappointed about something I got for free.

With ByetHost’s free plan, even though they promise more than they deliver, I still consider it good for a free host.

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