Canon Powershot SX430 IS Camera Review : bridge 45x “back to the future”


  • Relatively compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wireless.


  • Overall slow.
  • Image quality lower than that of a smartphone.
  • Indigent screen.
  • 720p HD video only.
  • No viewfinder.
  • Autonomy lean <200 views.


The Canon PowerShot SX430 IS is a Canon PowerShot SX420 IS with slightly fuller zoom: 45x against 42x … Difference imperceptible to use. In fact, its only input is a slightly better startup time … and then that’s it! For the rest, we are dealing with a very technologically dated APN, poor photographic skills and virtually non-existent video capabilities. Unless you’re a fan of his little handful and his mini bridge look, your smartphone will do much better on a daily basis. And if you truly want a big zoom camera with Canon, the PowerShot SX620 HS is much more interesting (and compact).

What does it take to make a camera? A lens, a photosensitive surface (so, in the case of digital, a sensor), a shutter, a trigger and, in fact, that’s it. Well, a screen too, because you have to aim. The PowerShot SX430 IS takes on this minimalist design and inherits the full technical specifications of its predecessor the PowerShot SX420 IS, with one difference: the zoom goes from 42 x to 45 x. If it always starts at 24 mm, it now grips at 1080 mm at the bottom of zoom. Not enough to revolutionize this technological dinosaur.


Minimalist to the point that you need to manually raise the flash since no button is dedicated to this function.

It should be recognized, the Canon PowerShot SX430 IS is, like its predecessor, a very cute little object. In short, it is no more or less than a compact one on which a handle would have been grafted to improve the grip, all juxtaposed to a goal largely prominent – which avoids engineers to break their head to optimize its bulk and, consequently, to minimize development and production costs. In short, the Canon PowerShot SX430 IS, like all members of his family, has the ramage of a compact in the plumage of a bridge, but without the viewfinder.

Here, the key word is “simplicity”: simplicity of the menus, simplicity of the grip. You could hardly get lost, even if you take for the first time in your life a camera in your hands. All settings are kept to a minimum. Even when in doubt, the path is marked with a small cartridge at the bottom of the screen that tells you what each setting is in the menus. In any case, you will have little need to intervene, this bridge leaving you hardly the choice between the fully automatic mode and scenes modes. There is a P (Program) mode, which allows you to take control of the sensitivity, the level of compression of the image and the white balance, but it seems there only to please the testers.

Basic in form, the PowerShot SX430 IS is also in the background. No viewfinder, so, and no modern screen. The display offers you a journey back in time, at a time when you still had to settle for 230,000 points for the simple reason that there was nothing else.

The joys of the lack of detail, the difficulty of seeing whether the focus is well done or not, the dynamics in the cabbage – in case of strong contrasts, it is white or black, almost without intermediaries – delusional colors and images that, even in broad daylight, appear more granular than Paris Plage.

Do not forget to sprinkle very bad angles of vision, which will do everything to not facilitate your life when you frame by raising the arms. This screen is obviously neither orientable nor tactile … On the connection side, you will be entitled to a single socket, which turns out to be a USB mini B.

An outdated connector so that Canon does not even provide the corresponding cable in the box, origin: get by! Fortunately, to recharge the beast, the camera comes with its AC charger, which you will take care to always have close to you since the battery holds, with difficulty, the 200 views.

The only problem is the Wi-Fi and the NFC, which seem to have been there after a spatio-temporal accident. origin: get by!
It’s time to open your drawers in search of a USB mini B cable.


Progress on the side of responsiveness! Thus, the starting time decreases significantly and, with 1.35 s to start, is even rather quick to ignite given the amplitude of the objective. In low light, the PowerShot SX430 IS takes virtually one second less than its elder to focus and trigger. But be careful: this is an average value and the small bridge will often prove recalcitrant and reluctant to the task. For the rest, the autofocus is slightly slower at wide angle and zoom bottom in good light conditions. The wait between two images is always long and the burst should not even bear that name, since it flows a little more than 1.5 seconds between each view …


Like all the rest of the PowerShot SX430 IS, the “picture” part of the case is a nice visit to the Canon Parts Museum: there were stocks of Digic 4+ processors and 1 / 2.3 ” CCDs Mpx to sell, yes, you read well: CCD This obsolete technology, abandoned long ago by the photographic industry, more expensive to produce than the CMOS and less performing in high sensitivity.Even your smartphone entry-level (if you have one) has a more modern sensor, so no wonder the sensitivity is limited to the very, very, very reasonable range of 100 to 1600 ISO, and fortunately it does not go higher : already at 100 ISO, it is unable to do better than a mid-range smartphone,the situation is truly more complicated than the ISO 400 where a smoothing comes to destroy the few details that remained until then.

However, if there is one thing that this small Canon offers and which will remain for a long time inaccessible to mobile terminals, it is a very generous zoom. Was it useful to abandon the 42x PowerShot SX420 IS to kiss a 45x? From a practical point of view, no, since there is very little visual difference between the maximum focal length of the first and the maximum focal length of the second (1008 mm versus 1080 mm). But it looks nice in the catalog of distributors, so, hop, let’s go!

If the picture quality of the PowerShot SX430 IS is not bad enough for you, it is always possible to push the vice up to use one of the available “artistic” filters. Here, in order: very wide-angle effect, toy camera, miniature, super shining or poster.

With such amplitude and the obvious concern of Canon to propose with this case the bare minimum, no miracle, it is a real massacre. At wide angle, the image is invaded by flare  – these rays spoiling the image that the director JJ Abrams loves so much – and ghost images, with a very pronounced deformation.


Surprise! Despite its obsolete electronics and all its limitations, the PowserShot SX430 IS is Canon’s first bridge to shoot in 4K / UHD! And … ah no, it’s a joke, sorry for false joy. Especially since this camera does not even shoot in Full HD 60p. Moreover, it does not film at all in Full HD. In fact, it films in 1,280 x 720 px (but you can say “HD Ready”, it always does well on the box), in 25p at best. Remember your entry-level smartphone mentioned above? Well, it probably films better than this Canon, which, it must be recognized, retains the advantage of its zoom …

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