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Q. What is an automatic movement? 

A. The automatic wound movement is one of the most important assets of the CROSSBOW watch. It allows your watch to run perfectly even if you’re running out of batteries. It is also a prestigious Swiss watchmaking “savoir-faire” achievement in terms of precision and reliability.

Q. What is the watch autonomy? 
A. Due to the double battery pack enclosed in the bands titanium parts the expected watch autonomy is 4 days.

Q. Can I customise my watch appearance?
A. CROSSBOW can be customized via several upcoming accessories like bezels and bands.

Q. Can I customize the features of the CROSSBOW? 
A. Of course you can! It’s easy to do with the Hyetis™ app. You can also develop or download the features and custom apps on the Hyetis™ online workshop.

Q. Is my CROSSBOW upgradable? 
A. Yes, in the future the only thing that will be stable in terms of technology is your automatic movement. The electronic device will be upgradable. This service will easy, competitive and quick. It will be performed by Hyetis™ partners or by our personal service.

Q. Is the CROSSBOW crystal scratch resistant? 
A. Of course like every prestigious Swiss made watch your CROSSBOW has a sapphire crystal with a double side anti-glare coating.

Q. How does it charge? 
A. We include a special USB cable. You can charge Pebble using your computer or any wall USB charger.

Q. How do I charge the batteries? 
A. Your CROSSBOW is delivered with an inductive pod and dedicated alimentation. You just have to let your CROSSBOW on this pod for a few hours to get a full charge

Q. Is CROSSBOW Swiss made? 
A. Yes CROSSBOW was designed, engineered in Geneva and made in Switzerland. Your CROSSBOW is a Swiss premium quality product.

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