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Free Hosting No Ads review: Is It Worth It?

Hello and welcome to this free web hosting review, that will help you decide if Free Hosting No Ads is good for you or not.

Pros & Cons:


  • Fast ticket-based support (limited to 4 tickets/month)
  • Email account (limited to 31 messages/month)
  • Totaly ad-free hosting


  • Complicated website builder
  • Auto-installer with only 3 apps
  • Limited features (disk space, bandwidth, and database)



  • Websites: 1 domain / 3 subdomains
  • Applications Installer: Yes, but very limited to WordPress, Joomla, and Grav
  • Control panel: Advanced Control Panel
  • Ads: Ad-free
  • Website Builder: Yes
  • Support: fast ticket-based support and FAQ
  • Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Disk space: 1GB
  • Email account: 1
  • SSL certificate: No
  • Databases: 1 MySQL (30 MB size)
  • Uptime: Bad (compared to the paid-hosting I’m used to)


Free Hosting No Ads is best for:

  • People looking to only get a professional-looking email address
  • Very low-traffic websites like resume site or a local business site


When not to use FreeHostingNoAds hosting


Testing Free Hosting No Ads

  • Easy, but not the shortest sign-up process

When I hit the “Get Free Hosting No Ads” I was redirected to a new sign-up page that contains 3 steps. The first step consists of choosing between free hosting, VIP hosting, and Pro hosting plans.

Once I chose the free plan and skipped the optional choices below I clicked the “Continue” button to move to the next step.

This second step is what frustrated me because I don’t see why free hosting asks me for more than my email and password … yes, for security reasons, but free hosting companies face data breaches where my real info gets published online.

Fortunately, the third step just shows you your new login ID and a link to login into your account.

At this time, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a confirmation link that you should click.

After you did this, you are directly logged into your control panel.

  • Not, but a control panel that can be organized

After the control panel started showing up, I found out that I already have experience with it.

The first time I’ve seen this control panel while I was reviewing, I think with Awardspace, I found it disturbing because it contains a lot of things at the same time.

For example, if you want to found the add-on domain tool, you will be looking between useless things like “Account Closure” and “Terms of Service” and this is my problem.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this non-organized interface.

Using the minimizing function at the top of the selected boxes, you can hide what you don’t want to see.

I organized my control panel and this was the result.

Some elements, like the advertisement banner, cannot be minimized. I think I can do it using the Ad-block Chrome extension, but since I will not pass much time on the control panel, I did not proceed to do it.

  • Simple-to-use domain manager

In order for me to start using the free hosting, I should have my subdomain created. This is why I went to to domain manager tool that was very simple to use.

Unlike FreeHostingEU, you have 10 utility domains that you can use for your subdomain.

If you pay attention to the photo above, you will found that there are other tabs (Section Information, Video Tutorials, and FAQ) that offer you help.

What I love about this help is that it’s related to the thing you are working on and you can find it almost in anything you will do with this free hosting.

I forgot to mention that my newly created subdomain was instantly accessible, welcoming me with this page.

  • File manager with a non-optimized interface, but still can do the job

Unlike 000webhost, instead of opening the file manager tool in a new browser page, it gets opened up within the control panel with other buttons non-important at the time, this is why it remains non-optimized and disturbing.

But at the end of the day, this file manager can still do their job.

  • Auto-installer with only 3 apps

With the FreeHostingNoAds Zacky app installer, you can only install WordPress, Joomla, and Grav.

Once I chose WordPress and hit the “Next” button, a new window opens up showing the progress of my installation.

The process was quick because it only took around 56 seconds to complete.

As was expected, my website was a new WordPress installation that is ready to use.

  • Complicated website builder

Because I already have experience with this control panel, I already know what I will found within this website builder.

Long story short, I do not like this website builder, because its minimalist design makes it harder to understand for me.

On the positive side, this website builder offers you templates organized into 15 categories and each one contains around 20 templates.

You can check the website I built if he’s still online http://hyetis-noads2.atwebpages.com.

  • Easy FTP account managing

If you are like me, you prefer accessing your website files using FileZilla and not the file manager tool, you can create up to 2 FTP account with FreeHostingNoAds.

The process was quick and easy as you can see in the photo below.


  • There is an email account but with a very tight limitation

You can create up to one email account with FreeHostingNoAds.

This email account has a tight limitation on the monthly outgoing messages which is 31 messages.

The email account creation process is very easy.

As you can see from the photo above, your free subdomain is not enough to create your email account, you should have a hosted domain name.


Another useful thing that I liked is the alias feature, which allows you to have another email address without creating a new separate email account.



With this feature, you can reach multiple email addresses by sending your message to only one email address.

Unfortunately, this feature remains useless because you can only have one email account with your free hosting account.

So, I can say it’s only something they offer you to push you to upgrade your account.


  • SSL certificate is not available for free

With this free hosting service, you cannot get an SSL certificate, because it requires you to upgrade your account.


  • FreeHostingNoAds excels at its ticket-based support

Support is available in two ways, in the form of a long list FAQ with short non-illustrated answers, and in the form of ticket-based support.

What I liked with FreeHostingNoAds ticket-based support is how fast they reply.

I tested the responsiveness of this support by asking them about the name of the parent company.

After only 7 minutes, I received an email in my inbox letting me know that there is a reply from the support team.

Unfortunately, this fast support is limited to 4 tickets/month.

  • Loading speeds still slow

Even if I put the loading speeds at the bottom of this review, that does not mean it is less important.

Personally, I consider the hosting speeds as the most important criteria to choose my web hosting.

I got the FreeHostingNoAds speed results shown below by testing the WordPress site speed I created before.


PageSpeed Insights:

The speed results I got from these tools are similar to my feeling when I was browsing the auto-installed WordPress site.

I can say that FreeHostingNoAds is not the fastest free hosting (InfinityFree) nor the slowest free hosting (ByetHost), something in the middle.

  • Uptime tests

I added my test website to a tool that counts uptime and I will update this section after I got enough data that I can count on to determine the uptime rate.




What is misleading with Free Hosting No Ads?

What I didn’t like with FreeHostingNoAds is that the Cron Jobs feature, accessible in your control panel, is not available unless you upgrade your account, and you can know about the upgrade only after you fill the form and you hit the “Send” button.

Do I recommend Free Hosting No Ads?

I can recommend it only for very low traffic websites like a resume site, a local business website, or people that want a professional-looking receiving email address.


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