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FreeHostingEU review: The Good, Bad & My Experience

Hello and welcome to this FreeHostingEU review, that I wrote after using this free hosting.

Reading this will save you the time of testing FreeHostingEU free hosting yourself.

Pros & Cons:


  • Responsive ticket-based support (but only 4 tickets per month)
  • Offers both free subdomains and add-on domain
  • Instant access to your newly created subdomain
  • Instant access to your free hosting account
  • Ad-free free hosting
  • Free email account (but with a tight outgoing messages limitation)


  • Easy-to-violate terms can cause account termination
  • Limited disk space and bandwidth
  • Complicated website builder
  • Not the simplest account creation process
  • Control panel can be disturbing for some



  • Websites: 1 domain name / 5 subdomains
  • Applications Installer: Yes
  • Control panel: Advanced Control Panel
  • Ads: ad-free hosting
  • Website Builder: Yes
  • Support: fast ticket-based support and FAQ
  • Bandwidth: 4 GB
  • Disk space: 200 MB
  • Email account: 1
  • SSL certificate: No
  • Databases: 1 MySQL
  • Uptime: Bad (compared to the paid-hosting I’m used to)


FreeHostingEU is best for:

To avoid saying no one, I will recommend it for people with very light websites (e.g: resume website, a non-profit organization, or a starting business).

When not to use FreeHostingEU hosting

If all you want is fast loading speeds (go check InfinityFree free hosting).


My experience testing FreeHostingEU:

  • Not the simplest sign-up process

When I hit the “SIGN UP NOW” button, a new page load up asking me to click “Read more” to know what to do if I want to use my existing domain, and what to do in order to avoid issues signing up.

Below this, I found the self-explanatory signing-up form.

All I did here is choosing the “FREE Hosting Plan” and hit “Continue”.

And now I faced the long-form asking me for more details that a free hosting service needs.

Fortunately, the last step was only a confirmation page that shows your client ID and a link to log into your account.

Compared to other free hosting services, I can say that Free Hosting Eu can do better on this registration form like InfinityFree that only ask for an email address and password.

After you confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email, a new browser window opens up to log you directly into your control panel.

At the same time, you will receive another email that gives you the nameservers to use if you want to use your existing domain, your FTP account information, and a quick explication of how to create your e-mail account.

  • Not, but a control panel that can be organized

Once I was logged into my control panel, I found that they use an interface that I already have experience with.

The first time I’ve seen this control panel when I was reviewing Awardspace Free Hosting, I was disturbed by how much stuff was containing.

When you are looking for a tool, let’s say you want to add your existing domain, you should search between useless stuff like “Account Closure” or “Terms of Service” and that’s what I hated.

Fortunately, and without looking for it, I found a solution that can make this control panel less disturbing, which is the minimizing tool that is foundable at the top right of some selected boxes.

I used this box minimizing feature and the control panel started looking a little bit organized for me, this was the result.

Some elements like the advertisement banner and the ones at the left like the Facebook likes box cannot be minimized. I can hide them using the Ad-block Chrome extension, but since I do not pass a huge time in the hosting control panel I leave it like that.

After checking all the options and the tools that Free Hosting EU let me work with, what I found is that the upper navigation bar contains all things in an organized way.

I started using just this navigation bar when I’m looking for something.

  • Simple to use domain manager

The first thing I set up is my new subdomain because it’s essential in order to start using my free hosting.

The process was easy, quick, and straightforward.

Not like Awardspace, FreeHostingEU provides you only one utility domain to use for your subdomain, which is “eu5.net”.

If you pay attention to the tabs in the last photo, you will found that FreeHostingEU provides you with help in multiple types (definitions, videos, and FAQ).

What I liked about this help, is that I found it more than one time throughout this control panel, and always related to the thing you are currently working on.

Getting back to my newly created subdomain, he was instantly accessible, welcoming me with this simple page.

  • Non-ergonomic file manager, but still can do the work

Because file manager is the second tool in the “Hosting Tools” from the upper navigation bar, I opened it even I already know what it looks like.

This File Manager tool is not the simplest one I’ve seen while reviewing free hosting services, but he can still do the job at the end of the day.

  • Auto-installer limited to only 3 apps

Even though the Zacky App Installer is limited to just three apps, they include what I wanted which is WordPress.

Once I selected WordPress and hit the “Next” button, a new window popup, showing me the progress of my installation.

This installation took only 58 seconds to complete.

I forgot to mention that the WordPress auto-installing process was very simple (beginners friendly) because he does not ask for advanced settings like the database name or table prefix.

The result was as expected, an empty WordPress website.

  • Complicated website builder

Once I finished installing WordPress, I moved to test the website builder.

What can be considered good about this website builder is that he gives you website templates organized into 15 categories, and each one contains around 25 templates.

I don’t know if it’s only my taste or I didn’t dig deeper, but I didn’t found a template that I liked.

Anyway, I chose a restaurant template in order to start the inside test of this website builder.

Unfortunately, it was not as simple as the one I found in 000webhost free hosting.

The name of this website builder is IM Creator and this was not the first time I used it, and I still found it complicated.

Among the things that make me don’t like this website builder is their minimalist black design and the buttons that only use icons and no text, and placing things where I don’t expect them to be.

This is a screenshot of what you will deal with.

Unlike 000webhost website builder, this one does not leave a “created by …” advertisement banner at the top or the bottom of the website you built.

  • Simple FTP account management

If you are like me, you prefer accessing your website files using FileZilla instead of the built-in File Manager tool, you can create up to 2 FTP accounts with FreeHostingEu.

The process is very easy and quick.


  • Email account with a tight limitation

Before jumping into this section, I want you to know that the majority (if not all) of the free hosting services I reviewed do not allow you to have an email account (e.g: name@yourwebsite.com).

With FreeHostingEu, you are able to get an email account, but you should have an existing domain name or get one because this is not possible with just your free subdomain.

The limitation with the email account you can get is that it is limited to only 31 outgoing messages in the last 31 days.



You can also create an alias for your email address.

For example, instead of creating another separate new address like sales@yourdomain.com when you already have one with your name, you can just create an alias with the word “marketing” and you will start receiving the emails sent to this alias straight to the first address.

As you can see, the alias creation process is very easy and quick.

Unfortunately, you can only create up to one alias.


Mailing List

For people that do not know what a mailing list is, this quote from the FAQ found the control panel:

A mailing list is a group of electronic mail addresses that can all be reached by sending a single e-mail message to a single e-mail address, the mailing list’ e-mail address.

Setting up your mailing list is also simple and easy.


Before finishing this section, I want you to know that you can access your email account from the web (which is SSL secured) and from your iPhone if you know how to configure it.


  • SSL security certificate is not available

Without upgrading your free account, you cannot get an SSL security certificate to start accessing your website with the “HTTPS”, which makes your website trustworthy both by its visitors and search engines.


  • Support is what this free host excels at

With Free Hosting EU, support is available in two ways, in a long written FAQ with non-illustrated answers and in a ticket-based way.

Personally, I don’t like FAQ-based support, because the problems I face usually with web hosting services can be resolved only by someone that has access to the service.

Even though I only like live-chat support, I appreciate it when a free hosting service provides me ticket-based support.

In order for me to test how fast this free support replies to me with I asked them about the service uptime rate.

The reply speed was not that fast, because my record with free hosting support was 11 minutes, I think it was with Awardspace free hosting support.

With FreeHostingEU, I got a reply after 23 minutes.

Other than the speed, what I appreciate with this support is their level of professionalism.


  • Acceptable loading speeds

Because I prefer fast loading speeds over fast support, I cannot finish my review without testing the speeds I can get using FreeHostingEU.


Using the GTmetrix website, the speed test’s first result was a “C”, when I repeated the test I got a “D”, and at the third attempt, the grade went back to “C”.

PageSpeed Insights:

With PageSpeed Insights, I tried only once and the result was acceptable like you see.


The speed tools results were similar to what I was feeling using my auto-installed WordPress site.

FreeHostingEu was not my fastest free hosting (InfinityFree) nor my slowest free hosting (ByetHost), something in the middle.

  • Uptime tests

I added my test website to a tool that counts uptime and I will update this section after I got enough data that I can count on to determine the uptime rate.




What is misleading with FreeHostingEU?


The first thing I found it misleading with FreeHostingEU is, unlike the SSL feature that clearly shows you that it requires an account upgrade, the Cron Jobs settings are open, which made me think that I can set up one or two, but when I tried to send the one I tried with an upgrade needed pops up suddenly.


Unfortunately, the Terms of Services says that you are not allowed to allocate more than 10% of your free hosting account space to some files (like .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf) or any identical file types.

This restriction means you can easily violate their terms (without paying attention) and your account can be determined at any time.

Do I recommend FreeHostingEU?

The first thing I thought of, was not recommending it at all, but since their ticket-based support was responsive, I can recommend it for people practicing web development and an average speed will not bother them, or to people that all they want is something to host their resume.


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