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GhostVPN Review : Do I Recommend this Not Top10 VPN ?

Searching for a GhostVPN review to see if you should use GhostVPN or not? I ran every test possible to find out. In hurry?

In hurry? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • Understandable user interface: I did not find any difficulties understanding the user interface, but there is still room for improvement.
  • An enormous decrease in speed: after I connect to one of GhostVPN servers, my download speed decreases more than what is usual with industry-leading VPNs.
  • Advanced security encryption: this VPN succeeded in the DNS test and he offers to use the best in the market encryption (AES-256-GCM).
  • No-logs policy: even though the privacy policy claim they does not store or log any traffic or usage of their VPN, it’s not always enough especially if it fall under the jurisdiction of a country in the Five Eyes Alliances.
  • Just 4 supported devices: for the same price, you can easily found other VPNs that support more than 14 devices.
  • Very limited support: they offer only a ticket system.
  • Pricey: for the same price, you can found other powerful VPNs.
  • Just 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee


In order for me to really know what I’m talking about, I downloaded GhostVPN on my computer after I bought it.

GhostVPN review : successful installation

Honestly, I hesitated about reviewing and installing this VPN on my computer, because just from the website homepage, I felt it was an untrusted program. That’s why I searched for the name of the company behind it and found its name, it’s called VPNetworks LLC, which own another VPN program called TorGuard.

After I opened the program to know that it was indeed a real VPN program, I felt a bit of relief.

User Interface: Simple but not optimized

This is the page that welcomes you after opening the program, it shows you your real physical location on the map.

The first thing you should do is to enter your username/password (username is your email address), then hit the “Connect” button.

Unfortunately, GhostVPN doesn’t have a Smart Location Feature that lets you connect to the nearest server with a simple click of a button. To do that, you should sort servers using proximity.

Speeds: Certainly there is something faster

The first thing I do to test the speed of any VPN program is to see how the internet speed decreases after connecting to one of the servers.

Like you see, my download speed decreased by 62%, which is too much in the VPN world.

Just to be clear about this test, the London server is away from me by 2337 km (the nearest one to me is Spain, but at the same time not the farthest one).

Why do I say this? Because the further away the server is from you, the slower the server speed will be.

Torrenting: No recommended for Torrenting

In order for me to test the torrent speed decrease of this VPN, I’ve connected with a faraway/Australia server (16 135 km) using the highest encryption level available (AES-256-GCM) that weaken the internet speed further.

What I found is that there is a tremendous speed decrease from around 11Mb download speed to 3 Mb. So, if you think that you will use it for torrent downloading, it is better to see another program or use it while reducing the amount of protection from AES-256-GCM to AES-128-GCM and connect to a server near you.

Security: Use the Highest Standard Encryption

For your protection, GhostVPN uses the highest standard 256-bit AES encryption. This is a reliable one, it near-impossible to break, because even the world’s powerful computer can only decrypt 0.1% of it in billions of years (yes, billions of years).

Leak Test: Succeeded in this test

Leaks are one of the important things to test in any VPN. The web tool I used in this test is dnsleaktest.com.

What that tool does is to test if it can connect to your real computer.

As you can see, the tool communicated with only one server (USA), which is the server that I am connected to.

I repeated this test after connecting to a Portugal server and there are no leaks.

Privacy: Your Are Not Safe

Even if GhostVPN state in her privacy policy that they do not store or log any info about her VPN’s usage, and because the company VPNetworks LLC (that own GhostVPN) are located in the USA, as we have known from history, they can still hand your data to the authorities.

Supported Devices: only 4 supported devices

Even their website homepage claim that GhostVPN is available on Windows, Apple OS, Linux, and Android, there are only three download options in their download page.

From a Google search for their smartphone apps, I found the one for iPhone but none for the Android.

So, if you are waiting to use this VPN on stuff like Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, on your router, your gaming consoles, or on your browser, there is no support for them right now.

Support: Very limited support

Industry-leading VPNs support users of its software by providing them with troubleshooting guides, written and video tutorials in different languages. With GhostVPN I only found 3 written tutorials for how to set up their software on Mac OS, Ubuntu and Windows on their knowledgebase page.

Other than this, you have access to a ticket system (like emails).

So, they are not available through a 24/7 live chat or over the phone.


Pricing: Premium Price for a Non-Premium Service

For the annual subscription, the suggested price of $59.55 (which is $4.99/month) is the average price in the market. But for the monthly subscription of $9.99, I see that this price tag is overrated.

What I recommend them to do is redesign their service to gain users’ trust, then try to compete in the market for cheap VPNs. Because if they continue on this approach, I do not see that there is a chance for success, especially with the level of competition that the market has reached.

In order not to go out on the context of the pricing, the payment options available on their website is Paypal, Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex), and BitCoin.


Money-Back Guarantee: 7-Days 

For the Money-Back Guarantee, they state in their refund policy that if you are not 100% satisfied with their VPN or Proxy, you can ask for a full refund during the first 7 days after your purchase.

Compared to other VPNs, the majority offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (there are also others that offer a 45-days money-back guarantee).

I’ve test to get a refund from GhostVPN, and unlike what I was expecting, I get it, but in my bank after 5 days (and confirmed after 8 days).


This is a screenshot of my refund from my bank history.

GhostVPN review: Final Verdict

After all of that, I do not recommend you purchase this service not because it’s bad, but because at the same price, there are better offers from other companies.

After that, if you are still insisted that this is the best option for you, you can try it for 7 days for free.

If you make it to the end of this GhostVPN review and you want to support me for this work, you can just purchase this VPN or another on this website using my affiliate link. Doing this, I will receive a small commission that will encourage me to test and review other VNPs. Thanks


FAQs about GhostVPN :

How any country can this VPN cover?

On the website homepage, GhostVPN claim that they cover 50 countries, but after I installed it on my computer I only found 45.


How much does GhostVPN cost?

They offer 4 different plans for you.

  1. The monthly plan at $9.99
  2. The quarterly plan at $19.99 ($6.66/month)
  3. The semi-annually at $29.99 ($4.99/month)
  4. The annually at $59.99 ($4.99/month).
What promotions do GhostVPN have?

At the time of me writing this review, I can’t see any offer or coupon available.

How many devices can I use this VPN simultaneously?

With all the four different plans, you can use it simultaneously on 5 devices, which is a little bit below the normal rate in the VPN market.

Is GhostVPN legal?

Yes, GhostVPN is a legal service.

But as with any other VPN service, this depends on the laws of your country or the country in which you will use this program. For example, Russia, China, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia have laws that either prohibit or restrict this.

So check with the country’s laws and regulations before using it.

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