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Hyetis – Focus on Crossbow

Hyetis reveals the technological specifications of Crossbow model.

The Company communicates the features and technological characteristics of the famous Crossbow just before delivery. Hyetis officially shows the technological potential of this innovative model (not in full of course) and already announces changes to the first generation.


Besides the specificity of a Swiss made mechanical movement and basic software features (email, SMS, social networking alerts, calendar, GPS positioning, MP3 remote control, climate data, including chronograph and more), the Crossbow will contain a gesture recognition device, infrared LED light emitter, lens with Luxpath optical zoom, biometric features (to be announced  December  2013)  and  a  camera  with  face recognition processing, to name a few. Ingenuity, design and improvement are the Crossbow keys to be elevated at smartwatch ranking.


The culmination is in this famous chip which integrates the sensors with a data processing system: the Genesis analyzer board (first generation) and the Bolt engine, to be  announced  November  2013.  With  this  technological  s  stem,  this  chip  can  make updates independently and thus adapt to their environment.


CROSSBOW hardware specifications

Genesis analyzer board

  • ARM controller 180 MHz (power efficient)
  • Storage 64 GB flash memory
  • High resolution 3 axis accelerometer
  • 9 axis gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Luxmeter
  • Compass
  • Pressure sensor
  • Dual temperature/Humidity Sensirion sensor
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • HD microphone

BOLT engine  (to be announced November 2013)

  • Dual core 1.2 GHz ARM architecture CPU

Cameras  (still evolving)

  • Keeneagle™ camera
  • Infrared enabled


  • Keepeye™ dial camera
  • Face recognition processing

Biometrics  (to be announced December 2013)

  • Body temperature


  • Luxpath™ optical zoom
  • MEMS driven lens set carriage

LED lightening

  • Circular led architecture
  • Infrared led light emitter


  • Gesture recognition device

Basic software features

  • Time hours/minutes/seconds 3 hands mechanicaly driven by automatic Swiss made movement
  • Mail alerts
  • SMS messages alert
  • GPS positioning
  • MP3 player remote
  • Weather
  • Pedometer
  • Social media alerts and tags
  • Compass
  • Chronograph
  • Timer
  • Countdown
  • Calendar
  • Memo
  • Urkey™ universal keychain
  • REALITY™ High definition display dial

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