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Hyetis & Safe Host SA – Joining talents on user experience improvements

Hyetis Safe Host  join efforts on software devloppment and in secure cloud management providing premium user experience to Hyetis customers.

Safe Host SA, the leading Swiss datacenter, and Hyetis, the first Swiss-made smartwatch manufacturer, have decided to join their talents to provide a secure and independent cloud solution to Hyetis customers. The global requirements on secure data management have recently moved in terms of customer needs. Swiss geographical location is ideal for secure data storage and management.

Both firms will provide cloud storage and data management solutions via apps and cloud server. Story-TELL, the first App from Hyetis released in mid October, is an example of this efficient synergy, focused on customer user experience.

Swiss geographical location and privacy tradition offers through this strategic agreement, the opportunity to control and manage their data privacy and its use. Hyetis customers benefit an innovative opportunity to keep the control of their personal data.

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