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InfinityFree Review: why it’s my recommended free hosting?

InfinityFree is a new free web hosting that started to get known little by little.

However, as is the case with the majority of free web hostings, InfinityFree also promises many fantastic features, things that even some paid hostings do not promise.

For that, I’ve tested InfinityFree inside out in order to help you know will it work for you or no.


On an InfinityFree forum post, the owner cleared that he started offering free hosting in 2011, then he opened Grendel Hosting in 2012, and in 2016 he moved everything to InfinityFree.

In addition to this, he explained also that he uses iFastNet platform to provide his free hosting.

In another reply, a forum user says that the service iFastNet offering is called “My Own Free Host”. Which we all know that you can use to provide iFastNet free hosting under your own brand, and when someone wants to upgrade, he gets sent automatically to iFastNet paid plans.

ByetHost is the brand used by iFastNet to provide her free hosting, this is why InfinityFree and ByetHost free hosting are very similar in the offered features and many.

Pros & Cons:


  • Relatively fast free hosting
  • Generous features
  • Ad-free


  • Your website is not instantly accessible
  • Limited support
  • No email accounts
  • Useless SSL certificate
  • Limited “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth



  • Websites: Unlimited free subdomains, add-on domains, and parked domains.
  • Applications Installer: Softaculous (400+ applications)
  • Control panel: cPanel
  • Ads: No ads on your website
  • Support: Knowledge base (with 70 well-written articles) and community forum
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited (just 50000 daily hits)
  • Disk space: Unlimited (30019 inodes/files)
  • Email accounts: No longer supported
  • SSL certificate: Self-signed certificate only
  • Databases: Unlimited (MySQL)


InfinityFree is best for:

Beginners that want a relatively fast free hosting.

When not to use InfinityFree hosting?

I do not recommend InfinityFree for people that still need to contact support in order to help them.

Testing InfinityFree’s free hosting

Even though InfinityFree is free hosting, the website home page has a stylish design that gives you a feel of a paid hosting that is on the cheaper side.

  • Not the quickest account creation process

The account creation form was very simple, he only asked me for my email address, password, to accept the terms of service, and confirm that I am a human by checking a no-questions Captcha.

After I hit the “Create new account” button, the page gets refreshed asking me to confirm my email address.

Unlike ByeHost, the InfinityFree verification email landed directly in my inbox and not in the spam folder.

When I clicked on the verification button on the mail I received, I was automatically logged to my InfinityFree new account and I was asked to start creating my new hosting account.

Even though this task consists of 3 steps, it remains very simple to complete.

The last step consist of only two buttons, “View in Client Area” and “Open Control Panel”.

After I clicked the first button and once the page finished loading, some of my new hosting information appeared but the status remains “Pending creation”.

I wish the Infinity account creation had been merged with the hosting account creation as in ByetHost, in order to make the process friendly and easy for beginners.

  • Your website is not instantly accessible

Due to DNS propagation, my new website was not accessible directly after my new host was set up. This is what I was getting when I try to access it.

Normally that happens with TLD domains (e.g: .com) and not with subdomains.

Even though their notice says that this DNS propagation takes up to 72 hours, my new host website was available just after 2 to 3 hours.

  • Beginners-friendly control panel

When I tried to access the control panel, I was asked (slightly forced) to let them contact me by email. Not a big problem for me.

Similar to ByetHost, the control panel was a lightweight version of cPanel, which is very organized and simple to understand.

To make this cPanel simpler, I installed the AdBlock browser extension to get rid of advertisement banners that I found distracting.


  • Softaculous auto-installs WordPress and hundreds of other apps

The first thing I test when I finish reviewing the control panel is the Softaculous application.

It contains all the popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, AbanteCart, etc.

Because installing WordPress using Softaculous is identical across different hosting services, the only thing I want to experience is how much time the WordPress installation will take

With the previously reviewed hosting (ByetHost) I waited for 15 minutes, which is very slow even for a free web host.

Fortunately, the installation got completed after only 28 seconds.

  • Manual backup only

Even though InfinityFree uses the same infrastructure as Byethost (that does not offer automatic backup), I kept hope to found automatic backup, but unfortunately, it was not the case.

The only backup option that InfinityFree offers is manual backup.

This is not a big deal since this is common among free hostings.

Despite this, it remains a useful thing to explain to users what is a manual backup and how to do it, instead of a “Backup not available” message.

  • Self-signed SSL certificates only

Even though InfinityFree promises “Free SSL on all your domains”, all you get is a self-signed SSL certificate.

This certificate is useless because even if you enable it, your website visitors will remain seeing security warnings that require them to explicitly trust your website. This is not the case with the free SSL certificates I get from paid hostings.


  • Unlimited add-on domains

If you want to start accessing your free website from a professional-looking address (like Yourname.com), InfinityFree allows you to have that by getting an unlimited number of add-on domains.

  •  CloudFlare is not working on subdomains

Because the majority of free web hostings have slow speeds, I got excited when I found CloudFlare that can help my website load faster.

Unfortunately, this tool can be enabled only for add-on domains and not for subdomains.


  • No more email accounts with InfinityFree

If you hope to get a professional-looking email address (name@yourwebsite.com), email accounts are no longer supported by InfinityFree due to spam issues.


  • Forum and knowledge-base support only

Personally, I don’t like forums as a way to get hosting support, because it requires registration and making sure that you hide every sensitive information, then wait if someone can help you.

It’s bad for beginners and people like me that does not like waiting.

If you know what you do and your website does not require assistance from host technicians, this becomes not a big problem when you think of the advantages you get with this free host.

What makes this limited support less of a problem is that the forum users are active and the knowledge base has detailed text-only tutorials.

  • Uptime tests

I added my test website to a tool that counts uptime and I will update this section after I got enough data that I can count on to determine the uptime rate.

  • Is InfinityFree fast?

How fast my website was loading is what makes me like this free hosting.

Not only with the web pages loading time, but even the WordPress installation and the backup tasks also did not take much time like as ByetHost, everything was fast.

You can check the speeds from my InfinityFree walkthrough video above.

For website speed test tools, I used GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights, and everything was green.

  • GTmetrix:

  • PageSpeed Insights:

What is misleading with InfinityFree?

I don’t know what makes web hosting still uses misleading tactics to appear bigger than what it is in reality.

With Infinity, even you are promised “unlimited disk space”, you are still limited to 30000 files.

The same thing with “unlimited bandwidth”, you are limited to 50,000 daily hits, and if a visitor accesses a page that opens up 3 files (CSS, a photo, and a script) this counts as 3 hits.


InfinityFree Review: Final reflections

Before testing this free hosting, I was recommending ByetHost because it offers fast ticket-based support, but since website loading speed is more important than support, my recommended free hosting becomes InfinityFree without any doubt.

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