Polaroid iF045 Camera Review: photography as you will never want to practice it


  • His name is Polaroid.
  • It exists in blue and pink.


  • Deplorable picture quality.
  • Video in VGA.
  • Only digital zoom.
  • Capillary Ergonomics.
  • Second TN screen unusable.
  • No sealing.
  • Ridiculous autonomy (70 views with two AAA batteries).


The Polaroid iF045 is an amazing device and full of surprises: when you say it can not do worse, well, it gets worse. And even when he touched the bottom of the improbable, he does not hesitate to plunge joyfully into the absurd. In short, if it was not called Polaroid, not sure that it would deserve to be sold … It still reaps a star, because we can not put less.

Although released in 2014, the Polaroid iF045 remains highly sought after by Digital visitors . Punished by curiosity, we wanted to know what this little beast had in the womb. 14 Mpx, second screen in front for self-portraits, ergonomics a priori simple enough, sympathetic colors, resistance up to 3 meters under water: here is a small camera nice, unpretentious, cheap price, which seems ideal for the children and to capture his memories at the water’s edge. In short, the Polaroid iF045, a family camera and jovial? Hmm … How to say … Maybe … Really? Oh, look! A marmot that puts chocolate in aluminum foil!

The Polaroid iF045 is released in 2014, it is not very young. So do not expect 4K / UHD video, touch screen, Wi-Fi or NFC, in short, all the latest technological refinements, especially given the price at which it is sold (about 70$ when we do this test). However, to put things in context, remember that in 2014, the Olympus Tough TG-3 occupied the top of the range, the Canon PowerShot D30 attracted the great divers and Nikon proposed the Coolpix S32 , a waterproof camera specifically designed for children. Back to the Future !


He’s cute, huh? Rest assured, it will not last.

As soon as you open the box, there is something wrong. This Polaroid iF045 is lightweight, very light … too light. Both literally and figuratively. Even by manipulating it with the fingertips, it gives the impression that an excess of enthusiasm and a pressure too strong enough to crush him, so much his plastic body sounds terribly hollow. No need to look for the battery, there is none: the beast draws its energy since in AAA batteries which will allow him to reach the delirious autonomy of … 70 views – even more if you do not abuse of the flash (we’ll come back to it). And of course, the load indicator does not indicate the load, but the estimated remaining usage time based on your current usage.

That is, if you do nothing, the indicator is full, if you start using the device, the indicator will decrease visibly. Practical … There is a USB mini-B connector, but this one is only used to transfer the images to other computer and not to recharge the possible rechargeable batteries that you would like to use. Note that the compact uses microSD cards.

The sublime front screen, on which you no longer see anything as soon as you shift from the axis.
From left to right: the button to switch between the main screen and the front screen, the On / Off button (to which you must press two seconds) and the shutter release button (which also serves as an OK button in the menus).

From an aesthetic point of view, the Polaroid iF045 totally assumes its flashy side. In its blue metallic livery accompanied by chrome notes for the lens and buttons, the good side is that you will not forget it in the white sand. The quality of construction is adequate: we saw worse, but we regularly see much better. Given for a waterproofing at 3 meters, we remain nevertheless very, very dubious considering the battery door with the approximate locking and the total absence of seal. That’s good, that’s a lot of confidence … But it’s not worth the 1/4 ” thread to attach the beast to a tripod, thread directly molded in the plastic: even when stowed, it moves again!

The lighting of the device is disturbing since it takes a long press on the button ad hoc. Is. The 2.3 “rear screen at 4/3 ratio is … passable. The front 1.8” screen, key element of the Polaroid iF045, is awful. That is to say that with its TN panel, you will not see much if you deviate from the axis: practice for self-portraits group! Navigating menus is confusing. Access to the menus is via the “Menu” key which is not called “Menu”.

The transition from photo mode to video mode is done by the M key, because … why not? Oh yes. Because M for “Mode”. The zoom controls are also used as up and down arrow keys when the M and Flash keys are used as the right and left keys, because … why not, once again ? Moreover, the flash is a perfect opportunity to afford a big slice of laughter. Imagine: you want to take a photo with the flash, you press the flash button, you are about to trigger and … nothing. A nice message “Loading the flash” blinks happily for 5 to 10 seconds before letting you take this damn photo: practice!

Just as convenient, the zoom and focus system. The box speaks well of a 5x zoom, but make no mistake, this is a digital zoom. And the rear screen makes you understand! When you zoom in, the image is enlarged digitally. Put another way: the pixels are magnified to the point where … you do not see anything. But really, nothing. So when you zoom in with the Polaroid iF045, you frame in the blind: sympathetic! The focus, for his part … well … there is none. In any case, you never know where it is carried out, or even if it is carried out; that, you will only discover it after the shooting: brilliant! And the absurdities, this compact chained them. Wondering if, after just a few minutes of use,

When you zoom in, you guess your subject more than you see it.
No, this is not focus peaking : these are chromatic aberrations. Note that the screen is so dim and defined that outside, in full light, you see nothing.
The switch, which is very difficult to manipulate, allows to switch between infinity focus and focus “Macro” (understand “for subjects a little closer, but we do not know where”).


The reactivity of the Polaroid iF045 is without comment: it is long to start, it is long between two images and, in addition, there is not even mode burst. Note that if you want to use the self-timer, the only time available is 10 seconds; point bar. Fortunately, the focus time is relatively short … since there is no real focus.


Small Polaroid iF045, what do you have in the belly, literally? Well, a sensor of 14 Mpx, probably of type CCD, of an unknown diagonal. Just let us know that the lens is a 4.8 mm opening at f / 2.8. Well, given the angle of view, which is more like a 35 mm than a 28 mm, it would mean that the sensor would be 1/3 “. way, no need to drown the fish in the water (or the iF045 in the pool), images are better than a long speech.


The Polaroid iF045 shoots at a rate of 30 frames per second. It’s better than 25. It’s worse than 60. The definition? VGA, why? How about that, even for a camera released in 2014, 640 x 480 px, is it ridiculous? Rhooo, you’re bad language. Go, as they are nice to Polaroid, you have the option to opt for the definition of QVGA. And if you have forgotten what it is, it is indeed 320 x 240 px. Or 76800 px in total, if you prefer big numbers. Needless to say that the picture is really bad, accompanied by a non-existent focus, not even saved by a sound barely audible …

What to do with 70 $?

If you have 70 $ to spend in the Polaroid iF045, here are our recommendations:

1. Three disposable cameras waterproof 36 views to 20 $ each (and 10 $ of ice in the water);
2. seven unsealed disposable cameras 24 views at 10 $ each;
3. two tickets to an amusement park;
4. 35 kg of potatoes (like that, at least you will have the fry …);
5. Twenty luxury stainless steel door lockers.

Or you can save a little and if you really want a waterproof compact easy to use for your children, you can opt for the Nikon W100 which, in comparison, dazzles us by its benefits.

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