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REDLINE First appearance

REDLINE First appearance

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the first public appearance of the Redline model !

Having overcome the challenges we faced with the Crossbow, our ambition with the Redline project was to create the most elegant Swissmade connected watch.

The case is made of high end zirconium ceramic and is presented on the wrist of Hyetis CEO, Arny Kapshitzer.

The Redline is equiped with an automatic Swiss Made movement, making it the first smartwatch blending centuries old traditional watchmaking with 21st century electronics cutting edge technology.

We are very pround to share these pictures and news with you all. When you joined our Earlybirds program, you probably didn’t imagine that you would be participating in one of the most challenging and innovative products in the watch industry.

Today the result is here. With your support Hyetis became the first watch brand in history to build a mechanical smartwatch.

On Monday we will release the official Press release.

Hyetis means leader in Greek. Today, we are all leaders.

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