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Hyetis believe in the complementarity of Traditional mechanical Swiss watches and new possibilities offered by sensors wearables and apps. We aim at bringing the best of both worlds together without compromise.
This journey started as the dream of a visionary watchmaker. Now you can be part of this breakthrough in technology too.
If you believe a desirable Swiss watch should do more than keeping the time for you, then our codenamed redline models have something for you.
You can now be more demanding to your watch, your wrist is worth it ! Ask your watch to do more for you everyday, every moment …
Make every moment count !
A True Swiss made timekeeper

Made of Zirconium ceramics.

Built around a mechanical automatic movement.
Only the best carefully selected material: Titanium, Ceramics, Saphir glass , Pink Gold 5N (option)
SmartCaliber engineered in Switzerland but not only assembly of electronics and movement are made in Switzerland …
This ultimate level of quality leads us to certify probably one of the highest swissmade watch with 94% Swiss origin in your redline model.
The Most Elegant Connected Watch & The Most Connected Elegant Watch
No compromise Swiss design and sensors your control by gestures.
We have embedded miniaturized leading technology to help you everyday.
REDLINE can do it all ! (almost)
coach you to stay active (accelerometer)
trace your trip with it’s gps
feel your heart and temperature with its vital signs sensors
keep you informed via its link to your smartphone (iOS, Android or Windows Phone)
Interested? Order your REDLINE now here!

Freedom by Innovation

  • Genesis analyser board
    • ARM microcontroler 180 Mhz (power efficient)
    • Storage 4 GB flash memory
    • High resolution 9 axis accelerometer
    • Luxmeter
    • Compass
    • Barometer
    • Thermometer
    • Hygrometer
    • UV sensor
    • GPS
    • Bluetooth


    • Gesture recognition device
  • Dial display

    • OLED display
    • Low power
    • Full color


    • Heartbeat
    • Temperature
    • Blood oxygen
    • Movements


    • 3 hands Hours/Minutes/Seconds
    • 48 hours power reserve
    • Automatic winding
    • Swiss made movement
  • Case

    • Size 44 mm diameter
    • Weight 147g
    • Zirconia ceramics
    • Finish White Gloss or Dark Knight
    • Titanium grade5 bezel PVD gold 5N or Natural finish
    • Titanium grede5 back pvd gold 5N or Natural finish
    • Ceramics and titanium grade5 crown
    • Button and pushpieces in titanium grade5
    • Carbon fiber CFF container
    • Wareproof 100m
  • Operating system
    • ChronOS 1

    Basic software features

    • Mail alerts
    • SMS messages alert
    • GPS positioning
    • MP3 player remote
    • Weather
    • Pedometer
    • Social media alerts
    • Compass
    • Timer
    • Countdown
    • Calendar
    • Memo
    • More to come…

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