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Early Birds Special Edition

$ 1,600

By purchasing this model, you become a privileged member in the Earlybird program.

Our Earlybirds will receive a lifetime support on their Crossbow. They will also have access to all the latest news concerning products and accessories Crossbow, and therefore become the Beta Testers (Preview of products).

By participating in this program, they will have a full open access to all SDK (Software development kit) and will be beneficiaries of all the goodies.

Have fun with your watch, have fun with us!


$ 3,700

By purchasing this model, you get at the same time:

• The first « Swiss-Made » smartwatch

• The first and unique mechanical smartwatch in the world.


By purchasing this world premiere you enter the exclusive club of happy few owning a true horological masterpiece made of composite material and ceramics.

This highly exclusive timepiece is leading today the path to the future of horological industry.

Have fun with your watch, have fun with us!

First deliveries start in Spring 2015.

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