Born & raised in Switzerland

Hyetis is a watch brand which is inspired by the swiss Know-How, its tradition and the Melting Pot of innovation in Geneva. Since November 2013, the team grows up  and the company officially becomes a limited liability company (LLC): the basic project turns into a recognized entrepreneurial reality.

Today, the team consists of four people with complementary skills. Thanks to will power and the team passion, Hyetis is the first and the only Smartwatch brand designed in Geneva and manufactured in Switzerland. A leadership that the brand is proud to assume to open the new road of 21stcentury watchmaking.

The Hyetis team

Let us introduce you our HYTIS Team:

Arny Kapshitzer


100% self-educated, Arny perfected his talent by a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Entrepreneurship & Business Development in Geneva. With an experience of 18 years, as an independent watchmaking/designer consultant for large watchmakers groups like Richemont, LVMH, Rolex or Omega, he founded in 2004 the CVSTOS brand and created in 2008 his own watch brand AK Genève. After a versatile background in the field of watchmaking and entrepreneurship, Arny launched the Hyetis company in 2013.

« I dream of this project since 2000. Today, I want to furnish the technologies available to the general public, to provide a complex and sophisticated product for our daily. The Crossbow is the first true Swiss watch of the 21st century and I am proud to make this product available to everyone. »

Samuel Philibert Charles

Sales Manager

Coming Soon

Laurent Eymard


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Vitold Kapshitzer

CTO and Software Manager

Holding a certificate in electronic and with physics studies, Vitold studies computer science at Geneva. With experience as solution engineer and IT manager, he developed the versatility and skills to ensure the smooth operation of all hardware and software.

“When Hyetis offered me the position of CTO, I immediatly seized the opportunity. The possibilities to develop differentiating activities and bring my skills to support an innovative start-up are key arguments of my involvement with the company.”

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