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Unlocator VPN review: Read Before You Buy in 2020

Should you really go for Unlocator? After downloading and testing Unlocator, I’m going to give my unbiased option in this Unlocator VPN review.

In hurry? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary of Unlocator review

  • NetflixI unblock it easily.
  • Speed: Just average or below it.
  • Privacy: Based in Denmark (one of the 15-eyes), and the privacy policy state that they keep logs.
  • CoverageOnly 43 server locations.
  • Torrenting: With their privacy policy, torrenting is a little bit sketchy.
  • Security: High-standards encryption for Windows, Android, OSx, and Amazon Fire users. But iOS users have only IKEv2 and IPSec/IKEv1 as protocols. A Kill-switch and a Shield features are available for me on Mac.
  • Usability: Easy to use app interface. But I don’t like accessing it every time from a little icon o my Mac menu bar.
  • Customer Support: No 24/7 customer support for software that sometimes does not work without their intervention.
  • Trial: 7-days free trial that requires you to register with your email address.
  • Price: With the same price, for sure you can get a better service.
  • Refund: 30-days money-back guarantee. They keep a proportionate amount compared to your time of usage.
  • Do I Recommend it?: Definitely, no.




What is Unlocator?

First things first, launched in the year 2013, Unlocator is a Denmark-based Smart DNS and VPN service. 

  • Difference between Smart DNS & VPN

They both unblock geo-blocked content, but the VPN solution can also encrypt your data to protect your online privacy.

What makes it ranks among the best in the market is that you could really use the two to simultaneously stream content in one location and VPN to another.


Unlocator and Streaming

If you are a big Netflix fan, clearly, there is no way you would go wrong with Unlocator. 

In an attempt to find out this for me, I have personally put this service to a test and I would tell you, it is not going to disappoint you in any way possible. You get to enjoy one of the fastest and buffer-free streaming.

  • Before using Unlocator VPN: 

Being from Morocco, I can’t watch yet Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. When I try to access it from Google, all I get is a redirection to the Netflix homepage.

  • After connecting to a USA server using Unlocator VPN: 

With a simple click using Unlocator, I can bypass this geo-block and get back my movie.

Unlocator VPN review

I’ve repeated the same thing with a German server, I’ve unlocked it again successfully.

VPNs from known companies like Avast didn’t succeed to unlock Netflix during my tests.

Even if Netflix continues to fight most VPNs, Unlocator can still unlock it easily.



Unlocator Speed

Speed is one of the important things to search for in any VPN.

Because if a VPN is secure, private but not fast, you can still access Netflix but you will get a buffer while your watch your favorite show.

So, do not underestimate the speed of a VPN, especially if your connection is already slow.

Before going into the details of the speed difference after using Unlocator, I want you to know that the farther away the used server is from your geographical location, the greater the speed difference.

  • Closest VPN server (Setabul, Portugal ~ 500 miles away from me):

My speed before using Unlocator was:

After using Unlocator:

As you see, there is a major decrease in download speed, from 93 Mb to 54 Mb.

This is a decrease of 41%.


  • Farthest VPN server (Australia ~ 10 000 miles away from me):

My speed before using Unlocator was:

After using Unlocator:

Unexpectedly, using Unlocator over the farthest server showed less decrease (only 34%).

Compared to my latest two reviews (Avast VPN review and ExpressVPN review). With Avast VPN, the download speed stayed the same, and with ExpressVPN I only get a 16% decrease in download speed when I’m connected to an Australian server.

With my fiber-optic internet, after connecting myself to the farthest server (Australia), I get the buffering circle for only around 7 seconds before start watching content on Netflix (non-HD) or Youtube (HD).

When I’ve tried the same thing with the closest possible server, the buffering before-watch on Netflix stayed but I get the HD resolution, and I didn’t get any buffering before watching Youtube in HD.


Unlocator Privacy

  • Jurisdiction:

Privacy is something elusive with this VPN.

With the main company (Linkwork ApS) being based in Denmark, which is one of the 15-eyes countries, Unlocator becomes a privacy non-friendly VPN.

  • Logs:

From Unlocator’s privacy policy page, they state that they keep a log at a personally identifiable level and are automatically purged after 24 hours.

This far away from privacy with VPNs, because leaders like ExpressVPN, offer their service being based in privacy-friendly countries, they clearly state that they do not collect logs of your activity and they offer crypto-currencies as payment methods.



Server Locations

Compared to other world’s major VPN service providers, we would actually say Unlocator has very few servers.

They are just about 43 server locations spread out in 39 countries.

Unlocator VPN review countries list

The server locations list both on your website account on the VPN software are listed alphabetically.

Yes, it’s easy to found what you search for, but personally, I like to see them listed per continent.




When I test VPNs and torrenting, there are two things I look after, speed and privacy.


Before connecting to Unlocator:

My torrent download speed was around 10 Mb.


After using Unlocator (Portugal server ~ 500 miles away from me):

My torrent download speed decreased to around 5.5 Mb, which is a 45% decrease.



As we’ve seen before, Unlocator collects personal information about you, plus it’s from a country that is one of the 15-eyes alliance.




Unlocator Security

By security, I mean how safe you are using this software.

In order to say that Unlocator is totally safe, he should pass the DNS leak-test, have features like Kill-switch and a Shield, proves that he does not contain any virus, and provide better encryptions and protocols.

  • ENCRYPTION: Best one

Unlocator is backed with the high-standard encryption 256-bit used by governments and banks.


  • PROTOCOLS: Acceptable

The protocols used by VPNs are:

OpenVPN UDP: Better for speed and security.

OpenVPN TCP: Slower than UDP.

IKEv2: Fast.

L2TP/IPsec: Lower security.


Unlocator available protocols differ depending on platforms.

For example, iOS users right now have only the from IKEv2, IPSec/IKEv1 protocol, when Windows, OSX, Android, and Amazon Fire users have the same thing plus the OpenVPN one.


  • DNS LEAK TEST: Passed

After the extended test using the DNSleaktest.com tool, my real info (Morocco) is stayed hidden.

One thing I’ve noticed using Unlocator is that during this DNS test, I was connected to a Portugal server and not one from the Netherlands.

The same thing happens to me before, I was using a server from Australia, and Google was showing me the Arabic Emirates version of Google.com



Both of these features are available in Unlocator’s settings.

The first one, which is Kill-switch, will automatically disconnect the internet when the VPN connection is lost.

However, the kill switch feature is only available for desktops.

The second one, the Unlocator Shield, keeps the internet off unless you’re connected to VPN.



Ease of use

Unlocator is one of the simplest and easiest to use VPN software, all he has is these three screens (home, settings 1, and settings 2).

The only thing that I don’t like about how Unlocator functions are that every time I want to use it, I have to click a little icon placed at my mac menubar.

Unlocator review



Customer Support

For Unlocator customer support, I don’t like it buy totally, but I don’t dislike it either.

What I want in any VPN or even any online software customer support is the ability to chat with it any time I want it. Because, personally, I prefer chatting over calling.

Sometimes, I don’t have the time to wait in line.

When I tried to contact Unlocator first time at approximately 10:00 (GMT), all I have available for me was the help articles, and the possibility to send them an email.

As I am trying to test their DNS service, I faced some challenges like not accessing Netflix at all.

I’ve sent them 3 messages. All that, is sent using the “NEED HELP?” button on most pages of the official website.

The next morning, I found that they replied to all my queries with a single email.

I liked the fact that they replied to me, but I didn’t like how they did it.

First thing, they replied to all my requests with one single response that didn’t help me.

Second thing, they didn’t reply to my question related to VAT.

When I’ve read these replies, I checked their website and the option of talking to a real human was available.

I see that it’s related to their working hours.

This is not going to be a problem if you have the same or nearby time zone, or you are available during their presence time.

Other than email or live chat, they have also well-documented articles that explain basic things, and how to set up their DNS for all platforms, devices, and routers.




Unlocator Cost

When we talk about Unlocator VPN, he starts to be on the pricey side.

Compared to the VPN that I recommend (ExpressVPN), for around the same yearly price, you get the best privacy available in the market plus 3 free months, and a 24/7 live chat to support you.

These prices do not include VAT.

The available payment methods are only major credit cards and Google Pay.



Unlocator Free Trial

When you are first starting out, you are given a 7-days free trial, which is no different from the paid version.

Here no payment information will be needed.

I would say this is a great thing. It gives you enough time to familiarize yourself and most importantly get comfortable with it.

In short, you will find all the time quite enough to put this service through some serious tests. What else can you possibly ask for when you are getting using a service for the very first time?



Unlocator Refund

According to their terms of use, you can ask for a refund during the first 30 days after purchase, all you have to do is to send them an email at support@unlocator.com.

Unlike most known VPNs, they keep a proportionate amount compared to your time of usage.



Do I Recommend it?

At this price and with this privacy policy, I do not recommend it.


Compared to the current competition, it is not worth the price it is asking for, because the only situation I can use it in is to unblock Netflix and encrypt my information. And this can be easily done using better VPNs or cheaper ones.



Unlocator Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign-up for Unlocator

In other news, normally, you will use your email address as your user name when logging into the system. The firm normally sends any password reset request information right to your registered email address. Plus, because you will not be put through any email verification steps, it is possible to use a fake email address.

However, I really don’t advise you to use a fake email address.  If you don’t want to use your official email, you could create another one just for this service. It will make a lot of sense if you could really use a legit email address.

How to set-up Unlocator

Its set up is what we love the most. It is super easy and seamless. As a matter of fact, the whole process can take you just a few minutes, and you are done.

This service comes with apps for all platforms. This actually means you can have the VPN app up and running on Mac, Android, and Windows. Currently, apart from iOS, which often runs on IKEv2 or L2TP encryption, all platforms come with OpenVPN.

During the initial set up stages, if at some point you get stuck with something you really don’t have to worry. The service comes with comprehensive tutorials that can help you go through wherever is giving you trouble. It will help you have all the answers to some of the most common questions people ask when they are setting the service for the first time.

How many devices to use with Unlocator Smart DNS

It is for a fact when it comes to online streaming, obviously, we all want to be able to watch out content virtually on any device including your phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop. It looks like the creator of the Unlocator had this in mind.

In what could really get you excited, this Smart DNS service supports a whopping 58 devices. With it, you can use any media player. In this case, we are talking about Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Nexus Player and among others. You could also use it with your Playstation 3, and 4, Xbox 360, and among others.  

That’s not all.

You can also access ESPN, E! Entertainment, HBO, Discovery Channel, Hulu, Disney, Food Network, DSTV, Prime Video, AMC, BBC America, Amazon Instant Video UK and Germany, ePix, Fox,  Fox Sports,  ITV,  MTV, NBC, Showtime and more.

In the end, really, we would see the number of possibilities you could get from this service is virtually limitless. I highly recommend it.

How many channel can Unlocator unblocks

When you thought you are done with Unlocator, you are hit by another great surprise. Most people might already be wondering what you are getting. This service alone can virtually unlock up to over a whopping 196channels. Other than just Netflix, you all get access to a wide range of other great stuff. We are talking about Apple TV, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, BBC American among other amazing channels.

With that in mind, we could really say it is the best choice if you wish to stream some of your favorite programs from around the globe. This is really a good thing because all you need is Unlocator and you are good to go. You can bypass any kind of restriction, those annoying ban on sports channels like NBA league pass and access those irresistible content from virtually anywhere in the world.

Are Unlocator totally legal?

Yes, as it with any other VPN service, Unlocator is totally legal in a number of civilized worlds. But of course, what you do with it is subjected to laws which govern your country. So what you choose to do with it is totally your business. However, we say it is absolutely legal and you shouldn’t have any problem with it.

What are some of Unlocator’s alternative?

We have quite a number of them. However, we find these 3 to be among the best.

They share some outstanding features with Unlocator and could help you do anything you would do with Unlocator.

Some of these alternatives include; NordVPN, PureVPN, and ExpressVPN. They are not for free though; you have to pay for these services.

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