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Unlocator vs ExpressVPN: 7 Areas Where ExpressVPN Wins

I’ve tested both VPNs before writing this Unlocator vs ExpressVPN comparison.

In hurry? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

  • Netflix: Both VPNs unblock Netflix from the first try.
  • Speed: ExpressVPN was faster, with both closest and farthest servers.
  • Privacy: Unlike Unlocator, ExpressVPN based in a privacy-friendly country and does not keep logs.
  • Coverage: ExpressVPN has 3000+ servers across 94 countries, while Unlocator has only 43 server locations.
  • Torrenting: ExpressVPN wins this point for both speed and privacy.
  • Security: Both options passed the leaks test.
  • Usability: Both VPNs are easy to understand and use.
  • Customer Support: ExpressVPN wins because offers 24/7 customer support while Unlocator does not.
  • Price: Even if it’s not the cheapest in the market, ExpressVPN still offers better value for money compared to Unlocator.
  • Free trial: Unlocator offers a 7-days free trial, which is no different from the paid version.
  • Refund: ExpressVPN proved to refund you during the first 30 days. Unlocator, do the same but keep a proportionate amount compared to your time of usage.
  • Unlocator vs ExpressVPN winner ? : ExpressVPN for sure.









  • Unlocator:

Unlocator is founded by Linkwork ApS. A company that is based in Denmark, a privacy non-friendly country, because it’s one of the 15-Eyes alliances.


  • ExpressVPN:

Express VPN International Ltd is the company that founded ExpressVPN in 2009, it’s registered in the privacy-friendly country the British Virgin Islands.

Even though it’s outside the 5, 9, or 15 Eyes alliances, it still a British overseas territory, which is one of the 5-eyes alliances.





  • Unlocator:

Unlocator states on their privacy policy page that they keep logs at a personally identifiable level, and it’s directly purged after 24 hours.


  • ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN privacy policy is also clear about what they collect and what not. Fortunately, it states that they do not collect logs of your activity and they do not store connections logs.

Other than that, in 2017, the Turkish authorities tried to access user information in one of the ExpressVPN servers and they did not succeed because there are no stored logs.


ExpressVPN is the winner for privacy, due to her privacy policy and the Turkish case that testified in her favor



  • Unlocator:

I’ve tested Unlocator’s ability to unblock Netflix using Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is normally not available for me in Morocco. I did succeed to unblock Netflix and on the first try.

Unlocator VPN review


  • ExpressVPN:

The same thing with ExpressVPN, I’ve unblocked “60 DAYS IN” easily from the first try.

No, buffering (due to the fastness, it was hard for me to take this exact starting screenshot)



Both are winners.





(Portugal ~500 miles away from me)

  • Unlocator

My speed before using Unlocator:

My speed after using Unlocator:

As you state from the two photos above, there is a big decrease in download speed, from 93 Mb to 54 Mb.

It’s a decrease of 41%.


  • ExpressVPN

My speed before using ExpressVPN:

My speed after using ExpressVPN:

With ExpressVPN, there is a little decrease in download speed, from download 93 Mb to 87 MB.

It’s a decrease of only 7%.



(Australia ~10 000 miles away from me)

  • Unlocator

My speed before using Unlocator:

My speed after using Unlocator:

With Unlocator, over the farthest server, the decrease of download speed was lower, from 94 Mb to 62 Mb.

It’s a decrease of 34%.


  • ExpressVPN

My speed before using Unlocator:

My speed after using Unlocator:

With ExpressVPN, my download speed decreased from 79 Mb to just 68 Mb.

It’s a decrease of only 13%.


ExpressVPN is the winner for sure. If you want to make the most of your high-speed internet with a VPN, I recommend you ExpressVPN.





Unlocator has very few servers, only 43 server locations spread over 39 countries.

Unlocator VPN review countries list


ExpressVPN has a massive servers number. He offers 3000+ servers spread over 94 countries.

ExpressVPN is the winner because it offers more server locations.





Unlocator offers 3 protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPsec).

ExpressVPN offers 6 protocols (Lightway, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IPsec, IKEv2, and PPTP).




Both VPNs are backed with the high-standard encryption AES 256-bit, which is used by governments and banks.




Both passed successfully the DNS leak test.

Using DNSleaktest.com, all the information that I see is of the Netherland server that I’m connected to. So, no leaks showed up.


When I tested ExpressVPN using IPLeak.net web-tool, my real IP address or approximate location did not get leaked.



A Kill-switch feature is what prevents your real IP address from being leaked.

When the VPN that has this feature enabled feels that your internet connection is about to drop, he blocks you until he feels that everything is under control again.

Because what happens when your internet drops, is that your VPN needs some time to connect you again, and during this short time if you browse something you will be using your real identity.

Fortunately, both of our competitors have a Kill-switch.

Unlocator' settings

Unlocator’ settings


ExpressVPN' settings

ExpressVPN’ settings


Both have the same capabilities, except ExpressVPN outperforms the number of protocols available.





  • Unlocator

Before using Unlocator:

After using Unlocator:

My torrent download speed decreased from 10.6 Mb to around 5.5 Mb, which is a 45% decrease.


  • ExpressVPN

Before using ExpressVPN:

After using ExpressVPN:

My torrent download speed decreased from 11 Mb to around 9.2 Mb, which is a 16% decrease.



Because both VPNs passed the leak test successfully, the remaining thing to check is the jurisdiction and logs.

As we have seen before, ExpressVPN wins both the jurisdiction and logs competitions.


ExpressVPN is the winner, due to his lowest decrease in download speed, jurisdiction, and his ability to not keep logs.




Unlocator VPN is very simple and easy to use, all he has is those three pages.


The only thing I didn’t like about this VPN user interface is that every time I want to connect or disconnect it, I should click a little icon from the menubar on my Mac.

Unlocator review




I didn’t found any problem with the user interface of ExpressVPN, everything was easy to use and found.

Even the little-icon problem of Unlocator was not found because I can access it from the Dock with a big icon.

Both have a high level of usability but ExpressVPN wins this competition.



Customer support is very important, especially when we are working with softwares that sometime stop working and we need instant help.

This is why I’ve tested the customer support of both VPNs and this is what I found.


Unlocator has a well-documented articles that explain basic things, also a ticket system where you can email them, but at the time of writing my Unlocator review, I still remember that it was late and I didn’t found the Chat button.

I left them 3 queries this night and next morning I found 1 single responce.

It’s good to found a reply next morning, but unfortunatly their responce didn’t solve my problem.

More than this, their essage did not answer my third question about VAT.

After I read this replies, I head again to the support button and found that the live chat option started to appear, from this I understood that the live support is available but not 24/7.


ExpressVPN offers a 24/7 live chat that I tested multiple times and it was fast and helpfull. 

For me, this is enough.

Because if you have a real person available for you, you don’t need any guides or writtren articles. But with that, ExpressVPN still offer a ticket systemvideo tutorials, instructions, and troubleshooting guides.


ExpressVPN wins again.




Unlocator VPN offer 4 plans :

  • The monthly plan at $9.99
  • The semi-annually at $49 ($8.17/month)
  • The annually at $79 ($6.58/month)
  • The 2 years plan at $119 ($4.96/month)


ExpressVPN offer also 3 plans :

  1. The monthly plan at $12.95
  2. The semi-annually at $59.95 ($9.99/month)
  3. The annually at $99.95 ($8.32/month).

If you want to opt for ExpressVPN yearly plan, you can use my affiliate link to reduce the price per month from $8.32 to $6.67.


Between these two, Unlocator appears as a great deal, but I will still choose ExpressVPN beause he offers best value for money.




Unlocator offers a 7-days free trial, when ExpressVPN does not.




During the first 30 days, Unlocator can give you a proportionate refund compared to your time of usage.

ExpressVPN offer a full refund during  your first 30 days.

I even asked for in the 28th day and I did get a full refund.

Even though their refund policy states that it’s a no question refund, they asked me why I need a refund but I kept asking for the same question and processed my query.



Even though Unlocator wins the price and the free trial competitions, I still choose ExpressVPN because he offers better value for my money, and a tested full-refund.


Unlocator vs ExpressVPN – THE WINNER IS …

ExpressVPN for sure.



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